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Noir et blanc

During our five days together in Pairs we took so many pictures that we still have some to share with you. You already saw the first set of pictures we took together with Fiona on a bright and sunny day. Here comes the second package. For a day around Fashion Week Fiona decided to wear something classy but added some roughness with her beloved Doc Marten Boots. Skirt -Vintage Boots – Doc Martens

Lilac in Autumn

While in Paris a month ago we also meet lovely Fiona during Fashion Week. We took the opportunity to take some pictures in the Tuileries Garden. The weather was absolutely marvelous! Just look at this bright colours in the background. A true sensation for snapping some pictures. Dress – Fionas own creation Boots – Doc Martens

The White Blazer

Every woman should own a classic, well-fitted black and white blazer. They simply give every outfit this business-chic and also underline a tough personalty. Even a casual jeans and T-Shirt combination will look absolutely stunning with a blazer. You simply can’t have enough of them but certainly you need black and white in your closet first before any other colour. White Blazer – Sheinside Boots – Doc Martens Bag – Vintage

BFW S/S 2015: Streetstyle

Time is running so fast and there we are again. The fashion madness has returned to Berlin. Yes, it’s Fashion Week, again. Sadly we aren’t in the situation to attend many shows or other events. Jana is working full-time for the Lavera Showfloor (pictures coming soon) and I just finished a whole lot of ballet performances. Nevertheless Fiona and I visited Jana at work and snapped some outfit pictures. I really love her style. Easy-going and so berlinish. Berlin simply isn’t this high-heel, fancy dress and big sunglasses city. It’s different from Paris and Milan, but that makes it even better! Fiona sticked to black and white, a classic combination with a twist (thanks to those sneakers).

Camel Coat

Our lovely Fiona proved once more: a camel coat is such a statement piece. But finding one is really hard. For me personally Sandro has become an absolut favorite fashion label of mine. Some weeks ago I visited their store in Mitte and they had this really perfect camel coloured coat. I would even have paid the price but they didn’t have my size. And now I’m keeping my eyes open for one again.

Chinese Porcelain

We received this really lovely blouse from Choies. It somehow reminds us of the Valentino collection and Chinese porcelain. Great for summer evenings! We thought Fiona would look really lovely in it and she did. So, here some pictures of her wearing the blouse. Blouse – Choies (on SALE!) Shorts – Vintage Pepe Jeans Shoes – Weekday


Phillip Phillips – Home   Last weeks have been busy and the following will be even more exhausting. Nevertheless, we are highly thankful that finally summer seems to have arrived in Germany! Time for shorts, dresses and easy dressing. Let’s all have a great summer! 

White Light

Some of you might remember Fiona (visit her blog!), a really talented blogger we have already  worked with a few times. After my second ballet performance today we went out to snap  some pictures. It was a lot of fun since the weather was amazing, finally.  You will see more soon!