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New York Mood

Time is running like crazy and soon we both will be located in New York. Jana arrived safely in the Big Apple and enjoys some free time before her intership kicks-off. I’m still in Berlin training and working before I will join Jana at the beginning of September. This will be a huge opportunity for both of us and we already got so many great things on our list. I got this black leather bag the other day and absolutely love it. It’s from the label Irene Van Ryb, never heard of it before but fallen for it straight away. You won’t believe how hard it is to find a good, not too over priced black leather bag. Was looking for so long, this will join me on my journey to New York… as well as the jacket, of course. Skirt – New Look Jacket – Pink Bag- Irene Van Ryb In cooperation with New Look

Summer Whites & Denim Blues

Even though the weather is a little dull today we are happy to share with you a very summery outfit. In our opinion every girl should own a nice pair of white jeans or trousers for the summer season. It brightens up every outfit combination and you get an instant feeling of freshness. We got so many plans ahead of us this and next week that we will be having a lot of content to share with you in the next couple of weeks.. no months! Plus there are some serious chances coming to Midnight Couture – make sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook so you get the details soon. Blouse – Zara Sunglasses – Ace & Tate Sandals – New Look

Cool Blue

I’m back home for a short while now… Enjoying the warm and sunny weather in my favorite hometown Berlin. Our plans this weekend include a ballet performance, concert and sunbathing at more than 30 degrees. What are your plans for the coming days? Dress – Vila Sandals – New Look

Messy Hair, I don’t care

Everyone is getting ready for festival season. There would be no better outfit than our favorite worn-out ripped jeans (that we have owned for years and years but is still our favorite), a flowery and bright kimono, an airy top and some indie jewelry. Our recommendation? Check out the New Look online store for fancy festival styles and more. Kimono – New Look Top – New Look Shorts – H&M Short Necklace + Bracelet – Sence Copenhagen Longer Necklace – Accessories Sunglasses – Ace&Tate In cooperation with New Look