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Holiday Style

When on holiday we like to dress chic but very casual – I cannot stand to wear uncomfortable or too complex clothes on vacation! Therefore, this light summer look it the perfect holiday style. Apart from that, I like to wear my findings of holiday shopping, here: a beautifully crafted summer hat and a very simple but cute, white-shimmery clutch. Dress – Zara  Sandals – Zara Clutch and hat – Moroccan market (Souks) Necklace – Sence Copenhagen

Shorttrip to Nice

Nice is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Despite it’s rather small size this city has much to offer when it comes to the experience of real, authentic, french savior-vivre! Nice is drawn through with narrow alleyways, guiding from the old city centre to the stony beach with azure blue water and back to the new city with lots of lovely shops and cafés. This french treasure is one big boulevard, which welcomes those who love to stroll pleasurably, live life to the fullest and appraise its beautiful things.