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Turkey Photodiary II

  Let’s start the new month with some sunny vacation pictures and let’s do hope that will influence the next weeks to cheer up the weather here a bit. We have been fiting with rain in the past few days and it was horrible. There is nothing worse than having summer holidays and it is raining all the time. Today in the late afternoon the sun came out for a bit… but really just a bit!

Asos Black Dress

Dress – Asos Shoes – Tamaris watch – DKNY   We think every girl needs a perfect black dress in her closet. It is so essential and you can never go wrong with it. Things you have to follow in order to find the perfect little black dress: – only buy a dress which flatters your body typ! – don’t go for too low cutted cleavage dresses but still emphasise your benefits (back, sholders, legs)! – feel comfortable in your dress: your beautiful, show that and don’t let a dress stand in your way. It should help you feel even more stunning! – fabric actually plays a big role – Since not everyone can affored a Dolce&Gabbana dress don’t over do the silk. Shimmery fabrics do tend to make people look plump and sometimes even cheap!