Monate: Dezember 2010

Goodbye 2010

At this point everyone gets really sentimental because you think back what happend this year. It was a great year! We met so many amazing people and had so much fun at all the events we attended. Thank you very much for that! Still, we are aiming for an even better time next year. New goals have been set and we hope we will be able to fulfill them. For now we wish you a wonderful New Years Eve and a perfect start into 2011. Here is our last photo series for 2010 (with old & new ones!) P.S.: Don’t forget to wear something red tonight!

ESMOD Charity Fashion Performance

Monday evening we were invited to the annual ESMOD charity event St. Catherine. This year’s show was a fashion performance entitled “BAROCCO-CODE”. This motto was realized by the ESMOD students (first year, second year and third year scholars) in ONLY THREE WEEKS! The fashion show war very impressive, even more when we heard how little time the students had to develop the ideas, the designs, the moulages and the final outfits!