Monate: August 2011

The moon ring

When one of us travels around she always brings a little something along for the other one. This summer Jana was in Turkey and bought me this super cute moon-like-risen ring. She just knows that I have a foible for rings with big, shimmery stones.

Crystal Blue

I almost forget about these outfit pictures which we took in Italy! The water is so clear and blue, I could start daydreaming again! Also the setting is extremely beautiful- the garden is so neat and in its full bloom. Sometimes all I wish for is to get back to all these wonderful places on earth and escape daily routine some time. Dress  –  H&M Bag  –  Liebeskind Berlin Shoes  –  Tamaris

A Perfect Night

  Very rarely we can call an evenening “a perfect night”. Last saturday of holidays was a perfect night like this. I was still at Lake Garda with family and friends, so the evening began with eating pizza together and enjoying stories about travelling through Italy. After that my mom and I went to the performance of “The Black Swan” (from the choreograph from oscar winning movie “Black Swan”!) by the American Ballet. The clue was, that the performance was open air in the so called “Vittoriale” (which is someting like a very small colosseum). The setting was so beautiful, because you had full view of the lake, the dancers made their play in the foreground and everything was enlightened by the moonlight. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. After that we had some cocktails in the Hotel and even a firework was taking place at midnight.  

After school simplicity

Blazer – Zara Shoes – Zign Blouse – H&M   Just a simple but chic look for school. Many people think we would run around in school totally dressed up and just perfect style always. To be really honest, we don’t have the time in the morning to do such things. And also in school we rather go for comfy clothes. It’s still just school and there is no need to look like your going to a fashion event. Sometimes you just need to discover the simplicity of an outfit.  

Lomography – the result

Can you remember our little, bright orange Lomography camera we had on a test run for two weeks. Here are some of the pictures which turned out pretty good. Actually most of the pictures did not go that well because it takes a lot of trials to get it the way you want it to be. And I also think the guy from the photoshop did not develop them the right way because it is a special size etc. All in all it still was so much fun snapping some pictures with the Sprocket Rocket SuperPoP camera and we do think about getting one other modell for more lomo-pictures.     P.S.: I wanted to scan them but my scanner isn’t working at the moment.

Hotel Bella Riva

Hotel Bella Riva is a recently opened Design Hotel at Lake Garda. I wanted to present it to you because I really like its concept and the whole interior/exterior design. I particulary like the “kitchen” which is part of the house own restaurant (which serves delicious food, too). Also the small library and reading room is equipped with a lot of interesting books, like “The 100 coolest Clubs” or “Dior-60 years of Style”. Since the Hotel is situated directly at the lake you can enjoy beautiful sundowns with full panorama of the lake and its massive mountain scenery.  

La Darsena

Finally I’m back home again and can show you some more pictures from Lake Garda. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Above all I was fascinated by the clear crystal blue water and idyllic architecture. The photos are taken at a bar/ tapas restaurant called La Darsena, located directly at the lake.   Dress – Vero Moda Bracelet – Thomas Sabo Bag – Liebeskind Berlin

Rosé Sensation

Yes, I looooove roses! I just adore the different colours and the brightness of them. They turn every pictures into a beautiful moment and give this little elegant touch. I just added my absolute favourite jewellery by Tiffany & Co., the Chanel “Organdy #165” nail polish, my stormy pink lipstick from Revlon and my sunglasses I bought in London to these pictures. I somehow discoverd my new love for soft pink and pastel colours in a whole. Mostly I love wearing black pants, a pastel coloured top, my leather jacket and some boots (summer is over I guess). All it takes to look good for a normal day in my opinion. Jana will be back today – so more pictures from lovely Lake Garda!