Monate: Juli 2011

Asos Black Dress

Dress – Asos Shoes – Tamaris watch – DKNY   We think every girl needs a perfect black dress in her closet. It is so essential and you can never go wrong with it. Things you have to follow in order to find the perfect little black dress: – only buy a dress which flatters your body typ! – don’t go for too low cutted cleavage dresses but still emphasise your benefits (back, sholders, legs)! – feel comfortable in your dress: your beautiful, show that and don’t let a dress stand in your way. It should help you feel even more stunning! – fabric actually plays a big role – Since not everyone can affored a Dolce&Gabbana dress don’t over do the silk. Shimmery fabrics do tend to make people look plump and sometimes even cheap!  

Store Tip: Lomography

Thanks to Anne-Marie and Lomography we are able to test the new Sprocket Rocket SuperPoP camera. I had already read about Lomography but never had the time to take a closer look. So I was more than happy when they asked if we would like try it. Can’t wait to see the final photos. For those who live or visit Berlin, make a stop at the Lomography store at Friedrichstraße 133 10117 Berlin

The sky seems to be pure

At the moment I’m feeling so perfect. I finally get the chance to meet all my friends and actually find some time for them. In the past few weeks everything was so stressing and I sometimes didn’t know where to start. But now such small things just make everything fall in place. It’s what I have been missing but I didn’t realize it was what I needed all the way through. Just a coffee with a good friend and you feel great again. It does have a magical effect on you! (and a good song is also never a bad thing)

Ballet in London

Of course, as a true ballet lover, I couldn’t miss the chance on stoping by at some of the coolest dancewear shops in London (and buy something there, too). Here is my personal dance-clothes-shoes-little-some-things guide. The Repetto Studio in the Shoe Galleries at Selfridges  It is not a dancewear shop. But Repetto, a French ballet shoes company, also has a normal show collection line  in which you can feel like a modern ballerina on the streets. The little area is super cute: you have a ballet barré, a big mirror, red satin curtains and chandeliers. Bloch Concept Store   Here you can find everything you need: Leotards, pointe shoes and ballet flats, tap and jazz shoes, warm-up clothes and cute little accessories. Got myself a pair of ne jazz shoes and a black hotpant. Freed of London   Sadly it was closed when I passed by but shop window and the glimps through it showed me a good dance store. I really wanted to go inside because I know that a lot of famous dancers …

Ballet slippers

New in Nail-polish by Essie “162 ballet slippers“ The colour is so adorable. I have discoverd a love for matt colours. Not only in the nail-polish section but also in the lipstick area. In London I bought me two lovely new ones by Revlon (will show you them soon, too). Follow our blog with Bloglovin