Tag: Oktober 2, 2011


Home sweet home! Yesterday I got back home from a one week class trip to England. We stayed in a youth hostel in Bristol. Since living in England for a rather long time I never have been to Bristol and was really stunned by it’s art scene.I guess some of you maybe know the street artist Banksy or have seen some of his work without knowing who the artist is. He is from Birstol and of course there is a lot of his work around the city. We did a little tour through the streets and spotted the one or other Banksy art work. Here are just some pictures of the whole trip. (1.) Dyrham Park (2.) on a street in Bristol (3.) Bristol Harbour (4.) Christmas Street (5.) new Ash boots (6.) Bristol Museum and Art Gallery (7.) infront of our hostel (8.) by the water (9.) Banksy street art