Monate: Januar 2012

Snake Print Blouse

We are here in this amazing city and finally have the time to take outfit pictures. Prague is really stunning and we have sun all day long. Of course it’s cold but we can handle that. At the moment we are working on our dinner and after that we are going to a bar or jazz club. Blouse – H&M Pants – H&M Boots – Buffalo Bracelet – Thomas Sabo + Tiffany & Co. charm Watch – Michael Kors Find it on here

NYC Photo diary: High Line

For those of you who don’t know High Line yet- an old subway station that is closed since a couple of years. Now they grow flowers and bushes on top of it plus arranged some benches for relaxing or sun bathing. How cool is this? – take a good book, a coffee to go, to make a rest in the warming sun.

Over the Top

Well, often heard, often said- New York’s skyscrapers are in fact huge and impressive and giant and breathtaking. In Berlin we maybe have Sony Center, but if you take this and add about 15 more floors you’ll only have a tiny skyscraper for New York relations. However not only the houses are huge- the cars (limousines are really no big deal in New York- there are two options, either the limo is your own and your driver takes you to work every day, or it is a tourist attraction taxi that costs more than a usual one) and trucks are unbelievable for Europeans.

NYC Photo diary II Brooklyn

One of the most interesting and capturing sides of New York is definitely Brooklyn. We’ve heard much about it, Miranda lives there, it is the new Manhattan- in fact everything I heard is true. The district is calm, friendly, artistic and somehow provincial. You can meet actual people who are living there- whereas at Park Lane and Fifth Avenue you can only watch how unrealistic life of the hyper rich can be. What is more I learned about one of the most romantic gestures ever- having your love locked forever with initials on a lock on brooklyn bridge- how sweet it is!