Monate: Dezember 2012

Goodbye 2012

The year has been so amazing and equally absolutely shocking. We finished school and started a new life.  From highs to lows everything was packed into the past months. The pictures here just slightly capture the whole impressions and experiences we have made. Life has tested and challenged us in every possible way… We would like to Thank You for all the support over the years and wish  you a great start into 2013. Make the best out of it!

Dance Christmas Calendar 2012

I did this very special project for the studio Jana and I train with. The owner, Marita Erxleben, asked me to take pictures which could be used as a virtual Christmas calendar for the Facebook page.  Every day the readers were able to see a new picture in order to make the season even more sweeter.  These are some of my favorite photos.  All pictures were photographed by Vanessa Schümmelfeder.  Using the pictures for any other reasons is forbidden.

Midnight Couture says Merry Christmas!

First of all, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas! May you and your loved ones have a lovely evening spending time together giving, getting and celebrating! To provide you with something very special for Christmas this year, we gathered together some friends (Thank you so much to Lissy, Lisa, Mona and Fanny) and had a little Christmas Shooting earlier in December. Where? Our perfect festive location was the Berlin Nightclub Department which can certainly be called our favorite club ever! Unfortunately, Department will be relocated, since the old Postfuhramt in Auguststraße has to be closed by the end of this year. To our minds, that fact makes this location even more special as well as unique. Therefore, we want, once again, say Thank You to the Department crew, especially to Felix, for making this location available for the project! However, let us tell you, there will be a couple of parties around and especially, Department will be the insider’s tipp for New Year’s Eve, so check out their page and book a table …