Monate: Januar 2013

A Waffle Sunday

We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon together with some yummy waffles, a good cup of tea and girl’s talk (mainly complaining about the University stress we have at the moment!). It’s so hard to actually find some time  to get together or even do something with our friends. Mid February we will be free again!

An Apple a Day…

keeps the doctor away!  I’m sure it’s the same with Ben’s Cookies at the Apple Market in London- one of my absolute favorite places in this city.  PS: You have to try the white chocolate- macadamia nut cookies, they are an addiction!  Cardigan  –  Zara Bag  –  Uterique

Kiko Make-Up

We really love our KIKO make-up. They make amazing glittering eye-shadow and have millions  (feels like it) different nail polish shades.  The red lipstick is just the perfect touch of glamour for an evening in the theatre.