Monate: April 2014

Summer Essentials

Here are some summer essentials we cannot live without at the moment. I love my super comfy Birkenstock sandals- my feet can relax and also style does not have to suffer, with their silver design the sandals are fashionable and laid-back at the same time. Apart from that I have a weak side for fresh summer perfumes thus I had to have the new See by Chloé fragrance, which will accompany me throughout the summer. Of course, a flower printed bikini also could not be missing in this equation! I love this one from H&M.

Vienna Photodiary

Vienna was one of the cities on top of our must-visit list! Therefore, it was more than great to be able to spend a long weekend in this beautiful city. If I should describe Vienna in three words, those would be classic, sophisticated and unhurried. This city definitely knows exactly where it stands thus exudes a confidence known from cosmopolitan cities at its best. Nevertheless, Vienna managed to keep its ancient charm and makes you feel a whiff of of the former imperial empire. I was fascinated most by the sheer density of monumental buildings and the spacious architecture. At the same time there is nothing better than sitting in one of the numerous petite cafés and have the bespoke “Apfelstrudel” with vanilla ice cream and a tasty Hausbrandt coffee.

Coffee in Berlin: Le Johann Rose

A sunny day in town and a short trip to Kreuzberg, thats how Sundays always should look like. A dance performance of a friend brought me into that direction. On my way to the venue I came across this little café called La Johann Rose and decided to have a quick coffee stop there. The inside is charmingly decorated, kitsch and vintage pieces are the main things you will find along with some patterned wallpapers and fresh flowers on the table. A Latté Macchiato costs € 2,80 (To Go € 2,00) and is served in a full glas with delicious foam. Along with that I enjoyed a banana nut bread slice, which was so fluffy and costs € 2,00. If you are looking for other sweat treats you can choose between some other freshly made cakes, brownies (one € 2,00), ice-cream and vegan spelt waffles (starting at € 3,60). If you are looking for lunch, you will also be able to find something here. They serve soups and other little dishes. Afterwards just stroll through the …

New York Photo Diary

Ever since I watched Maid in Manhattan (girls movie), “Come Away with Me” by Norah Jones has become my personal song for New York. Sounds crazy, since I have never been there before. Of course I always dreamed of going there… someday and well planed ahead. But when my dance teacher invited my to join her on a visit to the Big Apple I was head over heels right away. Yes, the city is a little crazy but it is definitely worth a visit. Though I have to say I wouldn’t want to live there on a regular basis. It’s fun to come there, see all those amazing places and get a bit carried away by the SATC feeling. In the seven days I have seen so many different places and somehow discovered myself a bit more. Traveling so far is always a challenge since I love home. During my childhood my family and I moved quite a lot, which is why Potsdam and Berlin have become a home to me finally. But back to New York, …

Lunch in Potsdam: Burgerbüro

This places isn’t really new here in Potsdam but as it is with all those local places, you never go there. But since we want to provide you with some great to-go-to food destinations we tried this restaurant/imbiss for you. Burgerbüro is located in Potsdam-Babelsberg, not in the main center of the city actually. You come in and pull a number which is your pick-up code in the end. Mainly you come here for the burgers, of course. The Country Burger was super delicious and costs € 4,60 (if you add extra cheese it’s € 0,60 more). If you want some fries do share them if you go together with someone, the portion is enough for two since the burger is really big and filling. After this you honestly don’t need a dessert and try to come with a rather empty stomach. Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆ Burgerbüro Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 47/48 14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg What To Wear to this location

Cherry Blossom Girl

Before we left for New York and London we finally managed to take these pictures with those lovely cherry blossoms. We probably planed this for three years but didn’t find the time and in the end they were gone so fast. Finally! At the moment we have April weather outside, daily life is nearly back to normal and we are working on the new ballet for our studio. Black Shirt – Zara Leather jacket – Zara Boots – Lloyd Necklace – H&M


We simply loooove to discover new and in places in Berlin. The 25hours Hotel is such a new insider’s tip! Stay tuned for another #berlinguide post discovering its culinary offers. Coat – H&M Necklace – Noa Noa Jeans – noisy may

Camel Coat

Our lovely Fiona proved once more: a camel coat is such a statement piece. But finding one is really hard. For me personally Sandro has become an absolut favorite fashion label of mine. Some weeks ago I visited their store in Mitte and they had this really perfect camel coloured coat. I would even have paid the price but they didn’t have my size. And now I’m keeping my eyes open for one again.