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Season’s Cravings

Some of your might already have done some shopping for the colder season, but anyways christmas is just around the corner and it is always nice to let oneself be inspired on what key pieces to focus on for our wardrobe.

That is why we have gathered this little wishlist for your, showing our favorite accessories and clothes right now. You find all items in this online shop FashionID.

I love the pale grey woolen coat by Marco Polo, because it goes well in combination with a simple sweater to a day look but combined with a cocktail dress or a low-cut blouse it goes very well for dinner or a night out as well.

The booties are a must-have for every autumn and go well with a pair of dark jeans but also with a lovely skirt. They are comfortable to wear but nevertheless elegant.

The medium sized Liebeskind bag in soft beige leather is the perfect accessorize to this autumn look. It has enough space for all our crucial belongings like phone, lipstick and wallet but is light to wear.

Last but not least there should be one sweater in your wardrobe that you feel like wearing all the time, because it is simple, stylish and of nice quality. On FashionID you can find many beautiful scarfs: your scarf should be so soft that you never want to take it off and you feel like you cannot survive winter without it! Apart from that, soft colors still go best for every occasion.

We hope you liked what we picked and in case this post gave you appetite for more, feel free to have a look at FashionID for some more great fashion!

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