Monate: März 2015

Pale Pink Trench Coat

Sometimes, a comfy boyfriend jeans and a nice pastel trench coat (this one is from Mint&Berry) is all you need for a perfect spring time outfit. And besides that: this trench coat is perfect for an Easter stroll on a nice sunny day. Trenchcoat – Mint&Berry Jeans – Zara Sunglasses – D&G Jewelry – Sense Copenhagen Shirt – Massimo Dutti

A day at the museum

A sunny day in Berlin’s museum district but still with a little chill due to low temperatures. We are longing for summer now! If you visit Berlin make sure to head to the Gemäldegalerie. Its one of those calm places where you can enjoy a lovely morning. Best time to visit? Tuesday morning around 10am – much more relaxed than other big museums in Europe. Coat – Cortefiel Booties – H&M Jeans – Mango Bag – Uterque

Coffee in Berlin: Café Neundrei

A couple of days ago I attended the opening of the Café Neundrei a place where you will find delicious coffee and vegan treats. Since more people are becoming aware of their daily nutrition we love to share this location with you. For your coffee you can choose between normal milk, soya milk, lactose-free milk and almond milk (coasting 50cents extra). Also, next to the normal coffee treats, you will be able to find Matcha Latte (€ 3.80), Chai Latte (€ 3.20) and some Superfood Smoothies (€ 4.50). Along with a delicious coffee you should definitely enjoy a vegan bread with fresh filling such as avocado, spinach leaves and cress (starting at € 3.90). Also their vegan apple cake or their banana bread is worth a try – a freshly baked by themselves. Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆ Café Neundrei Monbijouplatz 2 10178 Berlin open 8am to 6pm What To Wear to this location

Porcelain Flower Dress

Home sweet home. There is no place like Berlin and no better thing than being home for a few days to spend quality time with my favorite blog partner. Some days ago, we finally managed to visit the Mario Testing “In Your Face” exhibition in Berlin. Mario Testino is definitely the pop star of fashion photography and his shots always capture extraordinary moments in the sparkling world of celebrities. Dress – Mint&Berry Blazer – H&M Booties – Zara


Nowadays, healthy food has become a trend. You are overwhelmed by the media with buzzwords like “detox”, “superfood”, “gluten free” or “vegan”. However, what does this even mean? And how to find the right balance in your life when it comes to food? Because, in my opinion, it’s all about balance. You’ll never be happy in life without a little treat sometimes and without a cheat day during your week. Sticking to a strict diet plan is not only unhealthy, it can also lead to serious eating disorders. With this post, we do not want to tell you what is right or wrong in eating – we are surely no experts in the field. We just informed ourselves a little about those so-called superfoods and wanted to share the knowledge with you. So, what is superfood? Superfood first of all is a marketing term, created to promote healthy food. However, there is something true about the term: superfood basically describes food that contains much nutrition thus is supposed to be good for your body. Nevertheless, eating as …

Takeaway in Werder (Havel): Rostbratwurstgrill

This is probably not your typical go-to place but the burgers taste delicious which is why we would like to recommend this takeaway place. The Rostbratwurstgrill is located in Werder (a town outside of Potsdam – easy to get there by bus) and used to be an petrol station turned into a takeaway bistro. They serve various things but the burgers are a must. Cheese Burger (€ 3.50), Chicken Burger (€ 3.00), Big-Fish Burger (€ 3.00), Teriyaki Burger (€ 3.50) and many more. If it’s not you burger day you can also enjoy a Currywurst (€ 2.50), a meat loaf (€ 2.00) or a Schnitzel (€ 3.00). Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆ Rostbratwurstgrill Berliner Straße 57 14542 Werder open Monday – Friday 10am to 8pm // Saturday 12pm to 8pm // Sunday 2pm to 8pm What To Wear to this Location

Coffee in Amsterdam: Papeneiland

I am just gonna say it: Café Papeneiland serves (in my opinion) the best apple pie in the whole world. I have never tried any comparable apple pie in my life. The café is the most earthy and comfy place I know in Amsterdam so far and it is perfect to spend a sunny day, watching the boats running through the canals, drinking coffee and chatting with your friends. Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆ Café Papeneiland Prinsengracht 2 1015DV Amsterdam What To Wear to this location

Moments of Spring

I own this Burberry coat for at least seven years now and nothing has changed about my love for it since this beauty left the store with me back then. If you feel annoyed by searching the perfect trenchcoat then you should simply invest into this classic piece. I do certainly know that it is worth a fortune but I have never ever bought another trench after this one. Trenchcoat – Burberry Sweater – French Connection Pants – Zara Shoes – Zara

Brunch in Berlin: Spreegold

Sundays are made for late and long breakfast/brunch sessions. Yesterday I headed to the under Berlin inhabitants pretty well-known Spreegold where they serve fresh food and drinks all day long. However I was keen on trying their breakfast and honestly, it was absolutely delicious. My boyfriend ate the Spreegold’s Brunch “The Best” plate (€ 18,50) and had a Green Mint Iced Tea (€ 3,80) as a refreshment. I had a bowl of whole milk yoghurt with granola and fresh fruits (€ 4,50) as well as Buttermilk pancakes with fruits, sour cream and maple syrup (€ 7,90). As a drink I just ordered a plain Caffé Latte (€ 3,50). All in all it was really yummy but as you can see what each dish and drink costs you can tell what we payed for it in total. Not a weekly indulgence! Of course you can also choose something different from the menu but mainly the breakfast plates start at € 7,50 and up. Another thing which will give this spot a tiny minus point was the speed of the staff. Two guys were running …

Caption Nailpolish Event

On the beginning of this week I was lucky enough to attend the lovely CAPTION nail polish event here in Amsterdam. It was a fun night full of girl’s talk, nail polish and sweets! I have to say – I am absolutely stunned by the result of the three layers nail polish (base, color, top coat). It looks like the nails were gel and lasts for several days without any cracks!