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Nowadays, healthy food has become a trend. You are overwhelmed by the media with buzzwords like “detox”, “superfood”, “gluten free” or “vegan”. However, what does this even mean? And how to find the right balance in your life when it comes to food?

Because, in my opinion, it’s all about balance. You’ll never be happy in life without a little treat sometimes and without a cheat day during your week. Sticking to a strict diet plan is not only unhealthy, it can also lead to serious eating disorders.

With this post, we do not want to tell you what is right or wrong in eating – we are surely no experts in the field. We just informed ourselves a little about those so-called superfoods and wanted to share the knowledge with you.

So, what is superfood?

Superfood first of all is a marketing term, created to promote healthy food. However, there is something true about the term: superfood basically describes food that contains much nutrition thus is supposed to be good for your body. Nevertheless, eating as much superfoods as you can does not mean that you will be a super healthy person afterwards. Most of these should just be used as small proportional ingredients, for example only a small amount of goji berries in your daily muesli/ granola.

What are examples of superfoods?

Generally, the following ingredients are considered as “superfoods”:

Acai Berry
Dragon Fruit
Walnuts Nuts&seeds
Whole grains

In the ende it can be said that it is always nice to add these ingredients to your diet and spice up your dishes from time to time.

Nevertheless this does not mean that you must always prefer those foods to others. It does not mean that broccoli out of a sudden is healthier than green asparagus, or blueberries healthier than raspberries.

In the end it all comes down to learning to listen to your own body and what you feel works best for you. Your food is supposed to give you strength and energy, so listen to your body and you will find your healthy way all on your own.

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