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Tel Aviv Travel Diary

Israel has so far been one of the most interesting travels of my life – we went first to Jerusalem for 2 days and afterwards to Tel Aviv for 3. I can surely say, that I’ve learned a lot about religion and culture within these 5 days. Whereas the old city Jerusalem is a place of religion and also a kind of strictness that comes with it, Tel Aviv is the complete opposite. The city is vivid, pulsing, multicultural, laid-back and manifold.

To me, it was most impressive to experience the food culture in Tel Aviv – you’ll get to a house that seems as if it could collapse every second but on the ground floor there is the most amazing restaurant, with industrial style light bulbs, a sleek interior design and delicious food and wines! That, is basically the normal thing to happen. I was completely surprised by the quality of Israeli food and the attitude to life of its inhabitants.

Another important aspect is the proximity to water – it is a bliss to walk down the beach of Tel Aviv to the old city of Jaffa and feel the ocean breeze. Jaffa is also a complete contrast to the modern Tel Aviv – the old city is basically a huge flea market, where you can stroll around the whole day and discover furniture, lamps, clothing, decoration and much more!

When in Tel Aviv, you should not miss the Bauhaus architecture that you can experience everywhere in the city. Generally, the whole cityscape is completely diverse, what makes it so interesting.

Altogether, I can only highly recommend traveling to these beautiful places – I can assure you, that you’ll see, discover and learn a lot!

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