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Goodbye 2013

When it comes down to prepare this post we always think “What happened to this year?!”. Somehow it comes really slowly, the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. However it still always feels as if we have created this post just a few days ago. And now we do it again. One year, gone so fast and with it so many memories to keep in mind. What has been most memorable then? Here a little list which is really just captures some things

We traveled a lot this year – Amsterdam, London, Praha, Palma de Mallorca, Madeira, Weimar, Istanbul, Paris, Roma and Venice. We hope to be able to add some more beautiful places to our list in the next year. Traveling is such a passion, you ca never get enough of it.

We have done an interview with the Tagesspiegel about Midnight Couture. Additionally we also joined the BlogStars and Stylight blogger network. So many opportunities have come along and we are so grateful for it. And you made this actually possible. BIG THANK YOU for that!

Thanks to lovely Thea and Antonia we did two series for the SisterMag Magazine which was a lot of fun. In one Vanessa headed to Berlin for some ballet snaps and for the other one we were the photographers ourselves.

Oliver from Hotel Concorde added us to his blogger list. Which is why we got the chance to do an exclusive City West Shopping Guide for their Hotel Concorde Blog. Followed by a delicious dinner at their restaurant and a French Tea Time get-together in December.

In June we performed as leading roles in our annual studio ballet called “Peterchens Mondfahrt”. It was truly special for us and we have put a lot of hard work into this project. In the ned it was so worth it!

As a special holiday comes along we love to do some specials. This year we did three together with Johannes and Michael. Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Moments we will definitely never forget!

We were able to work together with some great partners such as Emeza, Harrods, Zalando, Caseable, SwayChic and AxParis. Let’s see what we are up to next year.

Little (not anymore) Enya came into our lives. Jana’s dog turned the world somehow upside down as strange as it sounds.

If there is an image that as caught your interest, click on it and you will be able to see the whole post with all the other pictures. This is really just a small selection of the pictures we took this year. We together took about 9000 photos this year. New year’s resolution? Clean up the hard disk!

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