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#HashMag Blogger Lounge

These days we prefer to attend blogger events during Fashion Week, since you can meet new people and chat a little and there’s always a nice relaxed atmosphere. On Tuesday we attended the #HashMag Blogger Lounge in Berlin Mitte and it was a really nice experience. We loved the idea to invite all bloggers to make their own floral wreaths. We both are always in for some handicraft work, to build something beautiful on your own always gives you a good feeling! After the event we headed to dinner at the Grace restaurant. We’ll give you an update about that night soon so stay tuned!

Blogger Bazaar Loft

Fashion Week. Again. We have to be really honest now: we don’t have that much time to visit all those shows and events which we are invited to. This is because we both work and we both study. Which means time is limited. We are always happy about every invitation but especially during the Fashion Week in January we are so busy with studying, working on projects (blog, work and dancing) that we don’t find the time for a 10 minute show. And most of all we won’t be able to make it to an after-party since we have to get-up early in the morning. However this Wednesday I took the chance to visit the Loft of the Blogger Bazaar team in Berlin Mitte. It was absolutely stunning. The location (a Penthouse located at Rosenthaler Platz) was flawless and the interior was divine. Plus the girls of Blogger Bazaar had put together an amazing line-up of partners. Bumble and Bumble, Smashbox, Zign, Olympus, Filippa K. – just to name a few. And everyone was there …

BFW S/S 2015: Photo Diary Lavera Showfloor

Sustainability is a topic that concerns all of us and which slowly but surely has found its way into the fashion scene. I think especially nowadays, in times of shocking incidents like the Bangladesh factory collapse, we are more concerned about our clothes’ origin and finally start to ask questions about material, production, working conditions or methods. It is most important that fashion labels react to this customer sensibility hence green fashion is more trendy than ever. The lavera Showfloor, which takes place on occasion of the Berlin Fashion Week, is one of the most important events when it comes to so-called green glamour. On three show days, laver shows designers all over the world that all have one thing in common: their collections are not only highly fashionable but also made under fair circumstances and with sustainable materials. This summer, I was working at the lavera Showfloor and intact responsible for finding these 11 international designers, who fulfill ethical but also fashionable standards. It was definitely a challenging job but I enjoyed every minute …

BFW S/S 2015: Streetstyle

Time is running so fast and there we are again. The fashion madness has returned to Berlin. Yes, it’s Fashion Week, again. Sadly we aren’t in the situation to attend many shows or other events. Jana is working full-time for the Lavera Showfloor (pictures coming soon) and I just finished a whole lot of ballet performances. Nevertheless Fiona and I visited Jana at work and snapped some outfit pictures. I really love her style. Easy-going and so berlinish. Berlin simply isn’t this high-heel, fancy dress and big sunglasses city. It’s different from Paris and Milan, but that makes it even better! Fiona sticked to black and white, a classic combination with a twist (thanks to those sneakers).

BFW A/W 2014/15: Photo Diary

Berlin Fashion Week is already over but here are some of my last snaps for you. In between shooting Streetstyle looks in front of the tent it really was necessary to grab a coffee and enjoy a Frozen Yogurt at Wonderpots. The weather was pretty nasty. No sun, only clouds and some drizzling rain. I can truly think of better days to take pictures outside. But thats probably the thing with Fashion Week during January. Luckily we had no snow!

Premium Young Designers Award Ceremony

On Monday the 1st of July, just one day before Berlin Fashion Week kicked-off officially, we were invited to the Premium Young Designers Award Ceremony. It took place at the F95 store and as a special act Frida Gold performed live. The winners of this season were Franziska Michael (Womenswear), Tothem (Menswear) and VK Lillie (Accessories). It was a nice afternoon with refreshing drinks and Haagen Dazs ice-cream.

See by Chloé Bangle

Second and last day for us at Fashion Week here in Berlin. This is what Jana wore for a show (more about that soon) in the afternoon. It was pretty warm again and afterwards the sun even came out. Those of you who follow us on Instagram maybe have seen the little surprise which reached us the other day. Those pretty See by Chloé bangles – thanks to TalentedTalkers for sending them over to us. Have you actually seen the campaign clip for the Fashion Week in Berlin? Check the post beneath this one! Bangle with gold lettering- See by Chloé New season (and see here) Black leather jacket – Zara White shorts – H&M Black Wedges – H&M

BFW S/S 2014: Photo Diary

Yesterday was our first really day at Fashion Week here in Berlin. We attended the show of holyGhost at the Brandenburger Tor. It was a nice collection with sequin and silk pieces. The colourful dresses were a bit too much though. Afterwards we enjoyed a Frozen Yogurt (again, we know. But it’s too good) and headed home to study for our exams again. Today we will be out again for the GLAW Fashion Show. We are looking forward to that one. But before that we will enjoy lunch together.

BFW S/S 2013: Premium

♫ The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition ♫   Premium is somehow always a crowded place to be around. Just when leaving the underground station you see the fashionable people coming and going (sometimes that can be really interesting). For a blogger it’s nice to see the up-coming things which will be in the stores and I already was able to gather a few pieces on my to-buy-list. All the best,  Vanessa