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BFW S/S 2015: Photo Diary Lavera Showfloor

Sustainability is a topic that concerns all of us and which slowly but surely has found its way into the fashion scene.

I think especially nowadays, in times of shocking incidents like the Bangladesh factory collapse, we are more concerned about our clothes’ origin and finally start to ask questions about material, production, working conditions or methods.

It is most important that fashion labels react to this customer sensibility hence green fashion is more trendy than ever.

The lavera Showfloor, which takes place on occasion of the Berlin Fashion Week, is one of the most important events when it comes to so-called green glamour. On three show days, laver shows designers all over the world that all have one thing in common: their collections are not only highly fashionable but also made under fair circumstances and with sustainable materials.

This summer, I was working at the lavera Showfloor and intact responsible for finding these 11 international designers, who fulfill ethical but also fashionable standards. It was definitely a challenging job but I enjoyed every minute of it and was more than glad about the many positive reactions.

Among others, the lavera Showfloor July 2014 featured the following brands: UNEINS from Helsinki, Aether Studios from London and Stockholm, Nikolay Bozhilov from Sofia, Prophetic from the US, David Andersen from Copenhagen, Ivana Basilotta from London and Hellen van Rees from the Netherlands.

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