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Little darling, here comes the sun

We finally managed to get our first outfit post of the year ready for you OMFG. Crazy life it is. Fashion Weeks kicks-off today and we a pretty busy with projects, university and meetings. Sadly we couldn’t attend the Stylight Blogger Awards due to work and big presentations. We would have loved to go but it simply wasn’t possible in the end. But a big thank you to the Team of Stylight for the invitation. Tomorrow we will be around the tent for Streetstyle snap-shots. Hope you see some of you there. Mantel – Mango Boots – Lloyd Hat – H&M

Balloon Style Dress

Thanks to our lovely partner program, we were one of the first to have a closer look at Pimkie’s new diversion line “limited collection” that offers a whole new experience to its customers! We’ll stay tuned for the change. For our Midnight Couture Christmas Special we therefore have chosen this little black dress which makes a perfect piece to wear for Christmas eve or also New Years Eve. Dress – Pimkie Bag – Coccinelle via Zalando Necklace – Zara

It’s a November day

The November weather has hit us right-away. It’s grey and rainy outside but luckily not that cold yet. If you still want to challenge your beloved leather jacket make sure to wear a cozy sweater underneath (nothing scratchy, you will go crazy over the day otherwise). Besides that add a thick scarf and a cute hat (also pay attention to the fabric which has been used). Don’t forget your umbrella when you go out. Rain isn’t that good for leather jackets! At this time of the year, when the weather allows it, taking a stroll through the countryside is a sheer delight. The leaves are so colorful and the air somehow feels fresher than during the other seasons. It dose have something purifying. Boots – BCBG Max Azria Leather jacket – Set Hat – Seeberger  Heart necklace – Tiffany & Co.

The last couple of days

The last couple of days have been pretty stressful again. University took-up a lot of time. Then we worked on our new project together with SisterMag and had a little birthday bash yesterday. Besides that the next few weeks will be really tough because of exams and presentations. AND getting everything ready for Christmas (unbelievable how fast this year went by!). It’s always this busy month with buying presents, writing cards and baking cookies.


Here comes our this years Halloween Special for you. The pictures were taken by Michael from Reinhardt&Sommer with help of JFRcreatives and Klemens. We were thinking of witches and witchcraft this year but in a modern way. Since the earliest human cultures the belief in and the practice of magic has been a present issue. And even today it has an important role in religious and medical areas all around the globe. Most of the time witchcraft has been contacted to the Devil and was stigmatized as something evil. Especially in Protestant Europe witch-hunts became an important matter and many women were burnt on the stake. Approximately between 40,000 and 60,000 executions have taken place between 1480 and 1750. Witch hunts continue to this day. The fascination for the supernatural is still very present and has reached a high fan level and publicity with the Harry Potter books and movies. J.K. Rowling made it possible to see witchcraft from a different perspective and it hit the nerve of the time right-away. And who knows what comes …


I always wanted to go to Amsterdam and after the reopening of the Rijksmuseum the desire to travel there grew even more. When we, my boyfriend and I, booked the flight tickets it was done deal and I enjoyed every minute in this city. Beautiful architecture, cute little streets and inspiration everywhere you go. If you want to enjoy a short trip over the weekend Amsterdam should be one of your first destinations on your list.

Happy October!

It’s this month, with this day we love so much – Halloween. We always try to plan ahead in order to make the one day a very special and fun one. However last week we were out and about for the Hotel Concorde Berlin in order to create a very special shopping guide for their visitors. Dress – H&M Leather jacket – Zara Leggings – H&M