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Classy Breakfast on a Rainy Morning

Looking still a bit tired but happy – the other day we went to Benedict for breakfast and it was awesome. We sipped on peach mimosas, had some vegan cashew yoghurt with granola, of course the most delicious pancakes and some bread with spreads. Afterwards, we tried to snap some outfit pictures for you despite the heavy rain. Today the sun is shining again and we wish you a super great start into the weekend! Coat – Cortefiel Pants – Noisy May Sweater – Zara Boots – Gabor Scarf – Zara Bag – Zara

Almost Home

Its still cold outside in Berlin so there is no other option than to cuddle-up and work on your layering skills. Taking these pictures took us maybe five minutes but the street corner was so freezing because of the wind breaking. We were so happy it didn’t take us long. The new week is again filled with quite a few appointments and university (yeah – but its the last week!). Time to make some coffee dates with friends and catch-up on the past couple of weeks. Coat – Boss Orange Bonnet – Seeberger Scarf – Zara Handbag – Cortefiel Boots – Softclox

Hot Chocolate Weather

Do you know this feeling? The feeling when you just want to stay at home and cuddle-up in bed? And in the same thought you just know that you won’t be able to do that? We would call it the winter blues and instantly hope it ends better sooner than later. The best thing to do during these cold days? Enjoy a good coffee or a hot chocolate with a friend. It seems simple but in todays hectic world it can become a true master skill to find a date were both have time. But its so necessary to make time for such occasions since it will give you strength for everything that is coming along.  Coat – Zara Boots – Tommy Hilfiger Scarf – Zara

Late Snow

We know we have been absent for quite a while now and you are waiting for some outfit posts -we are sorry about that! However, currently we are both involved in several important projects and simply had only very limited time resources for posting. But we can assure you that we will be back if you just give us some more weeks time! In the meantime, here are some snapshots from a funny coincidence with MAZ photographer Julian Stäble who ran into me when he was in search for some pictures displaying the snowy German weather! So, maybe one of those will also be in the papers some time around.

Little darling, here comes the sun

We finally managed to get our first outfit post of the year ready for you OMFG. Crazy life it is. Fashion Weeks kicks-off today and we a pretty busy with projects, university and meetings. Sadly we couldn’t attend the Stylight Blogger Awards due to work and big presentations. We would have loved to go but it simply wasn’t possible in the end. But a big thank you to the Team of Stylight for the invitation. Tomorrow we will be around the tent for Streetstyle snap-shots. Hope you see some of you there. Mantel – Mango Boots – Lloyd Hat – H&M

Winter won’t go

♫ Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole – Unforgettable ♫  Coat – Boss Orange (bought via Zalando) Bag – Longchamp Cap – H&M Hard to believe that on Wednesday it’s the beginning of spring when you see all the snow  outside and the wind is blowing against the windows. No, not the best way to start spring,  the season of pastel shades, flowers and beautiful scents.   Better you cuddle yourself into a warm coat like Jana did the other day. Wear some lined  shoes and a cozy cap in order to keep warm.  We know, it’s never easy to look good in winter when you also want to look  warm but here is a idea how you could to it. You could also put on some lipstick in  a bright colour. It will give you and the people around a bit of spring-feeling and your  lips will be protected against the cold.

A walk in the snow

Leather jacket – Set Scarf – She Cardigan – Zara The weather is telling and showing us that winter is still here. Snow is covering the ground again  and it somehow didn’t want stop falling. However the sun made it’s way through the clouds and  we decided to go out for a little walk. Of course cuddled up in warm clothes. Since there is a harsh wave of  influenza in Germany at the moment we try to stick to old tips: drink a lot of tea, eat a lot  of fruits and vegetables and enjoy some fresh air. What are your plans for the weekend? 

Prague photo diary I

  Praha is such a beautiful city. The history, the buildings, the little cafés and the small streets. It’s just so much fun to stroll around and find something new around every corner. Sadly we are leaving again tomorrow but there are still a lot of picture we will share with you. For now it’s time for dinner and after that we will visit the biggest club in central Europe. Let’s see if it keeps it’s promises.   Lookbook / Facebook / Twitter