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Winter won’t go

Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole – Unforgettable ♫ 

Coat – Boss Orange (bought via Zalando)
Bag – Longchamp
Cap – H&M
Hard to believe that on Wednesday it’s the beginning of spring when you see all the snow 
outside and the wind is blowing against the windows. No, not the best way to start spring, 
the season of pastel shades, flowers and beautiful scents. 
 Better you cuddle yourself into a warm coat like Jana did the other day. Wear some lined 
shoes and a cozy cap in order to keep warm. 
We know, it’s never easy to look good in winter when you also want to look 
warm but here is a idea how you could to it. You could also put on some lipstick in 
a bright colour. It will give you and the people around a bit of spring-feeling and your
 lips will be protected against the cold.

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