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BFW A/W 2014/15: Photo Diary

Berlin Fashion Week is already over but here are some of my last snaps for you. In between shooting Streetstyle looks in front of the tent it really was necessary to grab a coffee and enjoy a Frozen Yogurt at Wonderpots. The weather was pretty nasty. No sun, only clouds and some drizzling rain. I can truly think of better days to take pictures outside. But thats probably the thing with Fashion Week during January. Luckily we had no snow!

Apple Cloud

If there is one place I can really recommend to you, when you want to visit Berlin it has to be the Museumsinsel in the heart of the city. And just a few steps away from there you will find Wonderpots, second place you must visit. My boyfriend and I enjoyed this really good juice there and of course ate a frozen yogurt.

BFW S/S 2014: Photo Diary

Yesterday was our first really day at Fashion Week here in Berlin. We attended the show of holyGhost at the Brandenburger Tor. It was a nice collection with sequin and silk pieces. The colourful dresses were a bit too much though. Afterwards we enjoyed a Frozen Yogurt (again, we know. But it’s too good) and headed home to study for our exams again. Today we will be out again for the GLAW Fashion Show. We are looking forward to that one. But before that we will enjoy lunch together.

Leather Jacket Love

We really love leather jackets and in this post we tried to capture the beauty of our own favorite one. They are just the perfect throw-on-piece when you want to go out and need something cool to toughen-up your combination. However we know that finding the right one isn’t that easy. Only chose one that fits you really well; oversize is not that chic for a leather jacket in our opinion. And, you can never go wrong with black, still the very classic style for a leather jacket. After snapping these pictures we enjoyed a delicious Frozen Yogurt at Wonderpots. Still the best place to eat this little sin. Remember our little trip to the Hotel de Rome? How about buying the Tagesspiegel today? Check out page 12 or read online here. We will be at Berlin Fashion Week tomorrow and on Friday, hope to see some of you there! Jana’s leather jacket – Zara (current collection) Vanessas’ leather jacket – Stefanel (past collection)

Sweet Treat in Berlin: Wonderpots Part II

When you hear the word “Wonderpots” you kind off think about something magical, something extraordinary. In this case you wont be disappointed – in fact, you will be mesmerized. Behind Wonderpots, a guilt-free goodness, you will find one of the loveliest Frozen Yogurt stores I have ever been to. I had the pleasure to talk to Björn Welter, CEO and founder of the store. Without doubt a really inspiring man, showing and telling me what is possible if you just “through yourself into it”. He studied architecture at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, a renowned institution when it comes to architecture. Afterwards he worked for Pret a Manger in London and travelled all over the year between New York, Hong Kong and London because of his work as interior designer for the branch. And here, in the streets of NYC, the idea for Wonderpots was born, a crazy one as he said, a risk of course. He took the chance and made himself, together with a partner, self-employed. They opened their first store in Berlin …