Monate: August 2011


  Shirt – Weekday Skirt – H&M Shoes – Akira Sunglasses – bought at Camden Market   Sun everywhere! We decided to have a little picknick at a lake close by. It was just perfect! I decided to wear something light and comfy. This shirt is my new best friend and the skirt is so playful. Love like it moves around ones legs. I finally actually get the chance to wear it.  

Photo diary: The sun is back in town

  When the sun came out yesterday I went outside straight away to take a few pictures (take every chance you get!). Today we have a birthday party of a friend and we will be hanging out at a bar in Berlin. Please, dear weather, give us a mild evening so we can sit outside and enjoy our cool drinks. There will be new pictures for sure!  

Turkey Photodiary II

  Let’s start the new month with some sunny vacation pictures and let’s do hope that will influence the next weeks to cheer up the weather here a bit. We have been fiting with rain in the past few days and it was horrible. There is nothing worse than having summer holidays and it is raining all the time. Today in the late afternoon the sun came out for a bit… but really just a bit!