Monate: August 2011

Inspiration: Love waits

  Really often we face the situation that music inspires us a lot. Not only one genre but a lot different once. And because of that certain pictures come up in your mind which reflect that song for you. This time it turned out to be a song by Lovers Electric (also love “Beating Like A Dram”). As the song title says it “Love Waits” the pictures have a certain rosé/pink touch. You will see a lot more inspiration posts like this one in the next days, weeks, months.   (pictures via tumblr and tumblr )


Since we were asked if we have a special workout or training to keep in shape we decided to make a little “sport-loaded” post. To be really honest with you we don’t have a special workout. Believe it or not but everything comes through our ballet lessons. People always think ballet is just jumping around in pink skirts but no, it’s not. Every dance studio does a different ballet class. And since I have been seeing more than one I do know what I’m talking about. The Royal Ballet system is totally different from what I’m doing now in the lessons. How a normal ballet class looks in our studio? We start off with swining to get the boy started. After that we do one of or routine dances which includes tap, charleston, jazz or a show dance (soon we will do Can-can). After that we do exercises for the muscular strength (sit-ups normal and side, push-ups, etc.). Then we go to the ballet bar and do or normal work. Since we are already at …

Le Vernis

It’s out of question that chanel is my favorite elegant, chic and classy brand. But however what is fascinating me the most is their creation of nail polish colours. I can go to ten different beauty stores, with ten different sortiments but the nailpolish colours of other brands are somehow all the same. But every season Chanel manages to create a whole new colour, like this fall/winter collection’s Nr 531 “Peridot” which is a mixture of gold, sapphire green and petrol-blue. Just like a peacock feather. Additionally we love “Quartz” and “Graphite”, totally perfect in combination with plain colours and more wasted looks.   (image found on


  Shirt – Weekday Skirt – H&M Shoes – Akira Sunglasses – bought at Camden Market   Sun everywhere! We decided to have a little picknick at a lake close by. It was just perfect! I decided to wear something light and comfy. This shirt is my new best friend and the skirt is so playful. Love like it moves around ones legs. I finally actually get the chance to wear it.  

Photo diary: The sun is back in town

  When the sun came out yesterday I went outside straight away to take a few pictures (take every chance you get!). Today we have a birthday party of a friend and we will be hanging out at a bar in Berlin. Please, dear weather, give us a mild evening so we can sit outside and enjoy our cool drinks. There will be new pictures for sure!  

Turkey Photodiary II

  Let’s start the new month with some sunny vacation pictures and let’s do hope that will influence the next weeks to cheer up the weather here a bit. We have been fiting with rain in the past few days and it was horrible. There is nothing worse than having summer holidays and it is raining all the time. Today in the late afternoon the sun came out for a bit… but really just a bit!