Jahr: 2011

The Witches’ Spell

    Fillet of a fenny snake, In the caldron boil and bake; Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing,— For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.   The Witches’ Spell Act IV, Scene 1 from Macbeth (1606) by William Shakespeare     Yes, this is not a classic Halloween Costume (we will come to that in our next posts). This is just one darker look to get it starting for you.   Sweater – Weekday Skirt – H&M Boots – Ash

Coffee in Berlin: Is this even McDonald’s anymore?!

On Ku’damm Berlin a new McDonald’s Restaurant- wait, this is wrong, is it a diner? Café? Take Away?I cannot tell anymore- opened. This place does not look like a fast food restaurant at all, more like a pretty, romantic Café. It is equipped with couches, candle lights, chandeliers, book shelves… Long since, McDonald’s is not only fast food anymore, it is fit salads plus, slim and smiling Heidi Klum, or McCafé- a specialist in coffee. I seriously have to admit that the McDonald’s merchandizing and commercialization department made a very good job of it. A metamorphosis from unhealthy fast food to healthful, fresh salads and freshly made fruit smoothies is definitely a huge step in corporate philosophy. Nevertheless this is the only way for a big company to survive: adapt to the changes of its market and consumption of the new generation. I prefer cheeseburgers anyway! Ha!

Autumn Outfits Part I

Today was an example for a beautiful autumn day- sunny, cold, leaves all coloured. Unfortunately today seems like an exception at the same time. Germany has to face low temperatures and rain to no end. We cheer us up with watching the newest trends on http://www.vogue.de/fashion-shows – with some latte macchiato and cookies at the best. AND with huge, cosy, soft, cuddly pullovers. Pullover – H&M Leggings – H&M

Blue Bag

This bag (bought at River Island) is multitalented. You can wear it either as a shoulder bag, as well as a clutch or crossover. Additionally blue is one of the major trend colors this autumn winter. Since it has finally arrived, we can only comfort ourselves with the right accessories for cold days.


Home sweet home! Yesterday I got back home from a one week class trip to England. We stayed in a youth hostel in Bristol. Since living in England for a rather long time I never have been to Bristol and was really stunned by it’s art scene.I guess some of you maybe know the street artist Banksy or have seen some of his work without knowing who the artist is. He is from Birstol and of course there is a lot of his work around the city. We did a little tour through the streets and spotted the one or other Banksy art work. Here are just some pictures of the whole trip. (1.) Dyrham Park (2.) on a street in Bristol (3.) Bristol Harbour (4.) Christmas Street (5.) new Ash boots (6.) Bristol Museum and Art Gallery (7.) infront of our hostel (8.) by the water (9.) Banksy street art

Shopping in Berlin: Wald

  What do you get, when a stylist and a model team up? Yes, a super stylish store in Mitte. Dana Roski and Joyce Binneboese are the owners of the store “Wald” in Berlin. It is located close to Hackescher Markt, an area crowded with fashionable people (so, actually the perfect location for a fashion store if you look at it). Nevertheless since a longer time the stores around here have become a bit more upper price class. That’s why the two girls want to keep their own price tags at a “low” but not cheap level. You will find a range from 15 Euros up to 500 Euros. It is not like walking into Acne and wincing because you can’t afford anything. Their style is a good mixture and you find a lot of Scandinavian designers such as Carin Wester. Their intention was to create a store were you feel relaxed and cool and that the clothes reflect what they would wear themselves. Your are warmly welcomed to come in and try everything on. …

Outdoor in Berlin: Berlin Festival

The Naked and Famous Pantha du Prince Last saturday me and my friend went to the Berlin Festival. The music festival was located in Tempelhof, Berlin’s former airport. Huge stages were built up in the hangars and many food stands were offering festival delicacies like veggie burger or pasta. However the atmosphere was great- people just wanted to hear good music and have a good time. While sunset everyone sat on the ground, dipped in sun beams, relaxing. Our personal hightlights of the night (yes, there were several!) were Florrie (soon I’ll do a whole post on her, she has been so impressive), of course Naked and Famous, as well as Pantha du Prince and lastly Boys Noize- they rock!


I guess the title implicates what is going on. In this comfy clothes I like to stay at home. However I have a theater performance this afternoon and till then I have to learn for school. Still, I will find or lets rather say take some time to flick through the new Vogue and have a coffee along with that.   Sweater – Topshop Pants – H&M Ballet flats – Topshop + latest german Vogue