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Coffee in Berlin: Is this even McDonald’s anymore?!

On Ku’damm Berlin a new McDonald’s Restaurant- wait, this is wrong, is it a diner? Café? Take Away?I cannot tell anymore- opened. This place does not look like a fast food restaurant at all, more like a pretty, romantic Café. It is equipped with couches, candle lights, chandeliers, book shelves…
Long since, McDonald’s is not only fast food anymore, it is fit salads plus, slim and smiling Heidi Klum, or McCafé- a specialist in coffee. I seriously have to admit that the McDonald’s merchandizing and commercialization department made a very good job of it. A metamorphosis from unhealthy fast food to healthful, fresh salads and freshly made fruit smoothies is definitely a huge step in corporate philosophy. Nevertheless this is the only way for a big company to survive: adapt to the changes of its market and consumption of the new generation. I prefer cheeseburgers anyway! Ha!

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