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Outdoor in Palma: Platja de s’Oratori

During our short-trip to Palma we rented a flat via AirBnB. Our flat mates warmly encouraged us to take a bus out of Palma and visit one of the magnificent beaches along the coast line. It probably was the best decision. We took the bus number 106 and got off in Portals Nous. Here we just followed other people down to the beach and were rewarded with a stunning view. The beach we visited is called Platja de s’Oratori (found this out afterwards). The water was light blue/turquoise and there was nearly no breeze. We enjoyed a lovely day here. Nevertheless there were some negative aspects. In the late afternoon quite a lot of garbage was washed up the beach. Once again we are sadly reminded what humans do to the beautiful nature around us. Since it is a little bay, the dirt is easily transported here. Rubbish that has been chucked into the sea – how long will we still be able to bath in the ocean?

Golden Hour

I‘m back from a short but intense trip to Palma de Mallorca. It was an absolute pleasure to spend some quality time with two of my closest friends in this lovely town. In the next couple of weeks you will see a lot more impressions of this trip and some great tips on what to do, see and where to eat. During our visit we stay at an AirBnB flat with a marvelous roof terrace and a stunning view. In the afternoon/evening the light was just perfect to snap some summer pictures. We felt at home right away. Dress – Zara Sunglasses – RayBan

Marrakech Photodiary I

Marrakech is the most wonderous, wild, beautiful and exciting city in Morocco. You only need to blink and there is another thrilling sensation just around the corner. Still, it is a city of contrast – the big place Jeema al Fna would be sleepy throughout the day but it awakes at night when there are hundreds of food stands offering numerous delicacies. For fashion victims the Souks (huge moroccan market complex offering predominantly leather goods, spices and lamps) are a must – if you know the right places you can shop suede leather bags, scarfs and blouses at low cost but high quality. Always talk to the people working at the stands and only buy where you feel comfortable. Marrakech as well has a new city that has many lovely places to offer, for example the Grand Café de la Post, which has a unique atmosphere as well as a sophisticated menu. Even tough one must be prepared to see snake charmers, some meat stands that do not seem to offer the freshest products, a completely …

Moroccan Rose I

Morocco is simply one of my favorite travel destinations ever. This country has a raw beauty hat isn’t easily found anywhere else. I love the friendliness and kindness of the people, the narrow streets with many artisan galleries and shops, the delicious tangines and peppermint tea and that there is always another treasure waiting around the corner. Tunic and scarf – local artisan shop