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Marrakech Photodiary I

Marrakech is the most wonderous, wild, beautiful and exciting city in Morocco. You only need to blink and there is another thrilling sensation just around the corner.

Still, it is a city of contrast – the big place Jeema al Fna would be sleepy throughout the day but it awakes at night when there are hundreds of food stands offering numerous delicacies.

For fashion victims the Souks (huge moroccan market complex offering predominantly leather goods, spices and lamps) are a must – if you know the right places you can shop suede leather bags, scarfs and blouses at low cost but high quality. Always talk to the people working at the stands and only buy where you feel comfortable.

Marrakech as well has a new city that has many lovely places to offer, for example the Grand Café de la Post, which has a unique atmosphere as well as a sophisticated menu.

Even tough one must be prepared to see snake charmers, some meat stands that do not seem to offer the freshest products, a completely different culture that may sometimes feel strange, Marrakech is a must see city for all, who like to be enchanted by a utterly new experience.

Bag – found in the Souks
Sunglasses – Ray Ban
Tunic – bought at the Moroccan artisan market
ripped jeans – Mango

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