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Christmas Under Palms

Yesterday Vanessa brought me to the airport and I left for the holidays. This year I am celebrating Christmas not in winter wonderland, but under palms on the beautiful island of Madeira.
I have to admit, I had to make myself familiar with the thought of celebrating Christmas in a warm country. I thought it wouldn’t really feel like christmas and something would be missing.
But since I’ve celebrated here also last here, I can say that’s definetely not true.
The whole island is decorated with a thousands of lights and things christmas trees with lots of balls, mistletoes and everything else you can imagine. Moreover you can have the view of the isalnd , which is looking like a giant Christmas tree itself with all the marvellous lights.
There’s a christmas market and “Santa Baby” is played everywhere. To sum up: over here, we have all the christmassy stuff we have in Germany or anywhere else.
The only difference: you can swim in the light blue pool, can lie in the sun and wear flattery dresses without coat and gloves.
There’s nothing left to say but wishing you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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