Monate: Juni 2012


I was passing the past few days in Barcelona with my friend Lissy. We were doing the obligatory sightseeing trips to Parc Guell and the Sagrada Familia, as you can see. It was  such a wonderful time- all we wished for in the end was a cancellation of our flight or other coincidence not to leave this city!  Dress  –  Zara Bag  –  Liebeskind Sunglasses  –  Ray Ban

Photo diary: Abitur 2012

  Abitur ball  14.06.2012  Big thank you to Michael and Christian for the photos. More to come! Some people might wonder what we did the past weeks. Well, here it is! We planed our Abitur ball and it was more than just nerve-racking. However the result was amazing and these pictures just show how perfect that evening was.