Monate: Februar 2013

Four Days & Three Nights

After those stressing exam days I was more than happy to escape the old familiar everyday-life and head to Weimar. These pictures were taken from last Saturday till yesterday and show what I have been doing in those four days with my lovely boyfriend. We enjoyed snowy Weimar, a beautiful Swan Lake performance by the Staatsballett Berlin and relaxed in a modern hotel.

Snow White

White shirt – Zara Good morning everyone! It’s the day after the Oscars (well, in Europe at least).  Did you watch the Oscars? We really loved the show and Amanda Seyfried in a  beautiful Alexander McQueen gown. Which did you like the most? We hope you had a lovely weekend and wish you now a good start into the new week.

A walk in the snow

Leather jacket – Set Scarf – She Cardigan – Zara The weather is telling and showing us that winter is still here. Snow is covering the ground again  and it somehow didn’t want stop falling. However the sun made it’s way through the clouds and  we decided to go out for a little walk. Of course cuddled up in warm clothes. Since there is a harsh wave of  influenza in Germany at the moment we try to stick to old tips: drink a lot of tea, eat a lot  of fruits and vegetables and enjoy some fresh air. What are your plans for the weekend? 

Brighter Than The Sun

Studded Top – AxParis  Skirt – Zara  Need a cute top for a night-out? We spotted this lovely, gold studded top at AxParis and were  more than happy when they sent it over to us. We combined it with a simple black skirt from Zara.  Of course you can try different skirts with it. If you rather like to wear a trousers along with it  you should buy one which is high waisted. Remember our last AxParis collaboration? Just click here to see the amazing sequin dress we photographed last year in Prague. 

Keep Calm Semester Is Over

Coat – Boss Orange via Zalando Jeans – Hollister Bag – Longchamp Yes, we have done it! Yesterday we finished our exams and now have free time until the  beginning of April. Sounds crazy! But the last weeks were just packed with mostly one thing:  studying! Therefore we finally enjoyed a lovely afternoon together yesterday in order  to start our holidays in a perfect way.

Between a bed of roses

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. You see big red hearts everywhere, good smelling roses and lovely new  ideas to spoil your sweetheart. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day soon.  Here we have two ideas for the boys out there: A bunch of roses (most girls like red roses, if you know which colour is more her thing, go for them of course) Some glittering/shimmery earrings

Hello Snow!

Coat – Zara Pants – Topshop Sweater – Topshop Boots – Zara Yesterday the snow returned to town. Actually I love the snow… when I can stay at home and have a cup of hot chocolate and a piece of cake. If you have to get somewhere the whole white dream can be a really annoying.