Monate: März 2013

Fluffy Birdy

Fluffy vest – Vintage (bought in London) White sweater – Zara (last season) Jeans – Hollister Necklace & Bracelet – Thomas Sabo Yes, it’s still cold outside and these pictures are just the result of a quick coat-take-off in a a courtyard. We have spent the afternoon in Potsdam and enjoyed a a glass of ginger,  honey and lime tea. Just the perfect drink to warm up and also very easy to create at home. Easter is really close do you guys have any plans for the weekend?

Monday Afternoon

Snapping some pictures is always fun. These are just our little backstage pictures, soon  we will show you the whole outcome. Luckily our friend Johannes (remember our  photoshoot with him last December?) had some spare time and invited us over to  his home studio. Such a fun and crazy afternoon!

Natural Beauty Tips

Dear Readers, We are often asked for our personal beauty tips so here’s a small beauty post especially for you.  Well, however I have to disappoint you – I do not use many beauty products at all.  I treat my hair with John Frieda as well as Wella Professional Shampoo and I really like Rituals products in summer. There’s not much that touches my facial skin, except for a light Vichy Creme and some make up removing milk. I try to always remove my eye make up- regardless on how tired I might be! I cannot say much except for feeling and looking healthy starts with healthy food and never taking to much of a thing! Staying natural should be the one goal a girl should always fulfill, natural beauty may be old school but never comes out of fashion. For more hair-tips see an older post Jana already made for you.

Beginning of Spring

If you listen to the astronomical calendar it’s beginning of spring today. When you look  outside you will quickly be disabused. In order to get a bit of the spring-feeling why not go  for a bright nail-polish colour? I still really love the one’s from Chanel even when they are from  the last season.  These three beauties from the Chanel spring 2012 collection are still gorgeous and capture  the mood of this season perfectly. One for each month (April, May & June) and you  are ready to go.

Winter won’t go

♫ Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole – Unforgettable ♫  Coat – Boss Orange (bought via Zalando) Bag – Longchamp Cap – H&M Hard to believe that on Wednesday it’s the beginning of spring when you see all the snow  outside and the wind is blowing against the windows. No, not the best way to start spring,  the season of pastel shades, flowers and beautiful scents.   Better you cuddle yourself into a warm coat like Jana did the other day. Wear some lined  shoes and a cozy cap in order to keep warm.  We know, it’s never easy to look good in winter when you also want to look  warm but here is a idea how you could to it. You could also put on some lipstick in  a bright colour. It will give you and the people around a bit of spring-feeling and your  lips will be protected against the cold.

Culture in Berlin: Hamburger Bahnhof

Yesterday we headed towards the Hamburger Bahnhof, a museum for contemporary art, displaying pieces by artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Joseph Beuys and many others. We really enjoyed some of the works while others were rather questionable. At some point it’s hard to like modern art even when you try to get a grip of the artists mind. It really depends on the way how it captures once minds. The outfit Jana is wearing is a day to night combination. For the day just throw a fluffy cardigan over a super skinny dress, add some bling with a glittery necklace and chose some mid heeled booties. For night leave the cardigan in the car and go for some killer heels. Put on some metallic eyeshadow and your ready for a night out. Dress – H&M Cardigan – Zalando Collection Necklace – NoaNoa

Sweet Treat in Berlin: Princess Cheesecake

Do you know this feeling when you walk past a little café, shop or restaurant every once in a  while and think “I really have to go there” ?! We do felt this way about this little charming  café in Berlin Mitte. Princess Cheesecake has a fine selection of cakes, mainly cheesecakes of  course, a great range of tea and lovely coffee. The right place to be if you are willing to pay a bit  more for something that is really good. We tried the New York cheesecake and the Apple Cake,  both a true sensation. We really love the classical music which plays along on their main webpage. Princess Cheesecake Tucholskystraße 37  10117 Berlin Mitte on the map

Beauty Oasis in Potsdam: Stilnagel

In this feature, we want to present the Stilnagel Nail Studio in the heart of Potsdam.  In this Alessandro Beauty Oasis, the focus is set on making your nails look manicured but at the same time very natural and never overdone.  Moreover, the studio is lead by two lovely ladies who provide a caring and professional service  with considering each costumer’s wishes and always providing a lovely outcome.  Going to this studio always makes you feel a little more beautiful and we can only highly recommend that you try it out yourselves! Stilnagel Lindenstraße 13 14467 Potsdam