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Lunch in Berlin: Die Kantine

When you start thinking of a canteen, what comes to your mind? Dark big halls, unhealthy food and a lot of noise? Certainly most of us remember the school or university canteen. However nowadays you can see that more people start to think about what they eat, certainly from a positive point of view. When one hears that more than 80% of health problems comes through wrong nutrition it definitely is time to rethink. But back to the subject. Having lunch in Berlin is in our opinion not that hard anymore. Many places have opened over the past years and this one is worth a try. Die Kantine (The Canteen) is a place for lunch in Berlin Mitte. The building was designed by David Chipperfield, a well-known architect, and is an addition to their architectural office in Berlin.

The exposed concrete and the huge sliding windows give the whole atmosphere an own expression and fit into the minimal design and architecture practiced by Chipperfield. If you come along for Lunch you maybe should reserve a table. They are open from 8.30am until 8pm, Lunch is served between 12 and 15 pm. They cook fresh dishes every day and the menu is kept rather short. You will find one our two soups, some salads and three main courses all ranging from 4 to 11 Euros, appropriate for a good lunch. The kitchen is open and in the morning you can watch the chefs cooking the lunch courses. The coffee is good but a bit too small (Whisky glass size) and with that a bit too expensive (latte €3,50) – there are some better places for that. All in all it is a stunning location, quite hidden in a backyard but worth a visit. When you come along the street you will see the building straight-away and don’t hesitate to step through the big entrance gate.

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆

Die Kantine
Joachimstraße 11
10117 Berlin

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