Tag: Juni 18, 2014

Leather Peplum

At this point in time, we are both involved in different projects, which are exciting but very time consuming- therefore, please excuse our late posting. However, here’s a new chic summer outfit for you! Peplum cuts are rather daring, because they can easily look unfavorable but combined with classic statement pieces and fine jewelry, they can look classy but stylish! We are currently in love with the Sence Copenhagen jewelry collection – here, I am wearing a beautiful Bamboo Agate statement necklace and lovely silver bracelet. Both pieces upgrade every daily outfit immediately! I love to just combine the pieces with a simple black outfit: shirt, jeans and some flat sandals. Leather Peplum Top – Glamorous Necklace – Sence Copenhagen Bracelet (silver) – Sence Copenhagen Bracelet (black+silver) – Swarovski Pants – Zara