Monate: Juli 2014

Moroccan Rose I

Morocco is simply one of my favorite travel destinations ever. This country has a raw beauty hat isn’t easily found anywhere else. I love the friendliness and kindness of the people, the narrow streets with many artisan galleries and shops, the delicious tangines and peppermint tea and that there is always another treasure waiting around the corner. Tunic and scarf – local artisan shop


Remember when we hit the roof top last month? You haven’t seen all. Of course we took the chance to snap some duo pictures as you maybe have seen on Facebook and/or Instagram. But here comes the full version of our summer roof tour.

Neon Summer Dress

A simple slip-on dress in a neon colour is always a perfect choice for summer. You can wear it during the day with a jeans jacket and some sandals. And in the evening with a blazer and some killer heels. Simple as that you have a day to night outfit combination! Dress – Mango (on sale!) Sandals – Menbur Necklace – Sence Copenhagen

Garden Party

It feels like summer. Friends around you, some fresh drinks and BBQ. Yesterday evening we enjoyed a lovely get-together at Jana’s. It actually was a farewell BBQ but soon we tell you more about it. Our tips for hosting a garden party: Choose drinks that are not too complicated to make. You want to spend time with your guests A selection of fresh salads and some juicy meat from the grill is a good choice Make sure to have mosquito spray around Serve muffins or a sweet-treat in a glass – both easy to eat without smudging your dress Add some colourful decoration to your table(s) Dress – Mango (on sale!) Grey Scarf – Codello

Peach and Lace

One of the most difficult trends this season probably is the adequate styling of leather skirts and pieces. We love to see them on the runway but somehow styling them in our daily lives can be quite a challenge. Girls need to watch out that leather does not look too sexy or somehow inappropriate, it’s as simple as that. Therefore, I went for this perfectly smooth, light peach colored leather skirt from Zara, which has the perfect balance between stylish, sexy and classy. Skirt – Zara (sale!) Blouse – Sir Oliver Necklace & bracelet – Sence Copenhagen Shoes – Softclox Bag – Liebeskind

BFW S/S 2015: Photo Diary Lavera Showfloor

Sustainability is a topic that concerns all of us and which slowly but surely has found its way into the fashion scene. I think especially nowadays, in times of shocking incidents like the Bangladesh factory collapse, we are more concerned about our clothes’ origin and finally start to ask questions about material, production, working conditions or methods. It is most important that fashion labels react to this customer sensibility hence green fashion is more trendy than ever. The lavera Showfloor, which takes place on occasion of the Berlin Fashion Week, is one of the most important events when it comes to so-called green glamour. On three show days, laver shows designers all over the world that all have one thing in common: their collections are not only highly fashionable but also made under fair circumstances and with sustainable materials. This summer, I was working at the lavera Showfloor and intact responsible for finding these 11 international designers, who fulfill ethical but also fashionable standards. It was definitely a challenging job but I enjoyed every minute …

Festival Style

A simple slip-on dress in black is always a good choice for a festival. Add some pretty silver jewellery, comfy sandals and a bright nail-polish! Et voilá – ready you are. If you want to wear make-up choose waterproof one, you simply never know what the weather will be like. Also elaborated hair styles are a waste of time.

BFW S/S 2015: Streetstyle

Time is running so fast and there we are again. The fashion madness has returned to Berlin. Yes, it’s Fashion Week, again. Sadly we aren’t in the situation to attend many shows or other events. Jana is working full-time for the Lavera Showfloor (pictures coming soon) and I just finished a whole lot of ballet performances. Nevertheless Fiona and I visited Jana at work and snapped some outfit pictures. I really love her style. Easy-going and so berlinish. Berlin simply isn’t this high-heel, fancy dress and big sunglasses city. It’s different from Paris and Milan, but that makes it even better! Fiona sticked to black and white, a classic combination with a twist (thanks to those sneakers).

Open Air Theatre Night

Yesterday, we had a very lovely night at the open air performance of Romeo&Juliet. No matter how often one sees this pieces, it will always have magic about it! For this casual summer night out, I wore a red lace shirt and some ripped white shorts with flat sandals, a combination that fits well numerous occasions! Top – Oasis Shorts – H&M Sandals – Zara Bag – Liebeskind