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Tropical Feelings

At the moment such much is happening in our lives that we hardly realize how crazy our daily routines sometimes are. Just so you can imagine what is going on we are happy to give you a little insight.

Our biggest issue at the moment is changing the Midnight Couture layout. This is super fun and even more nerve-racking (luckily we have a great web designer at our hands!).

The side will be totally different because we figured out what we want to focus on in the future, mainly lifestyle topics such as travel, fitness, health, interior and events. Of course fashion and street style will stay with us but we would both say that this isn’t a pure fashion blog anymore.

When growing up and experiencing new things your mind and your ideas change. Which is why we want to take this adventure further and give our creativity a bigger space.

Besides this, we will both leave Berlin for a few months in order to follow our dreams and live our lives to the fullest. Where we are going? We will tell you very soon. For now stay tuned and follow us here or on Instagram for the latest updates.

Shirt – Zara
Pants – Zara

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