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Bath Storage Tips

A girl’s bathroom sometimes means only one thing – chaos! There is just tons of different products, brushes, nail lacquers, concealers etc… That is why we love to organize our beauty equipment in order to make our bathroom look nice and neat.

Here is some tips how to organize your products:
1. Put all your brushes into a pretty glass. We love some vintage glasses and flea market finds, I found a super nice one at the flea market in Paris and since then all my brushes are stored in this special glass and it even reminds me of my Paris time.

2. Everyone knows that girls have hundreds of hair ties and they tend to lie around everywhere in our apartments. Just take all of them and put them into a jar. You will always find one if you need it and they are all in one place.

3. Put your hand wash, lotion and soap onto a small decorative plate, for example by HAY (available at Bikini Berlin). It will keep your soap from floating around in a small puddle and will instantly create a nice ensemble of beauty products. By the way, we love the washing lotions by &otherstories – our favorite “Moroccan Tea Hand Soap“.

4. Put your nail lacquers in a bell jar and put together your favorite color ensembles. The nail polish will instantly look more exclusive and your room will be more organized.

For more bath organizing and decorating ideas follow Homify

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