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Five Things About Dancing in New York

When Jana stayed in New York for an internship I took the chance the join her for
six weeks and follow my passion: dancing. It was an amazing time and
I have learned so much from taking this step.

In a short list I have collected the five things you should always keep in mind when
thinking about doing the same thing.

1. Everyone wants to make it in New York. Thus it is very tough working in this city
as a dancer. There are so many talented people around who are working their ass
off to make it here (this actually fits into every job area in NYC).

2. Dance classes are expensive in New York. An average class (any dance style) costs
between 18 und 20 bucks. Not something you can afford on an everyday basis
for such a long time.

3. Be prepared that in every class someone is better than you. For me it always
was a motivation to become better, train harder and watch them how they work.
But I also saw people who got to ambitious about it and through that lost
their own goal to become the best dancer they can be.

4. The people here are not just dancing they are living it to the maximum. Hanging
around the studio 24/7 you will find them stretching in the corridors, taking at least
three classes a day and even when they don’t have class they will be
somewhere around.

5. You have to be good in more than one dance style. The dancers in New York
are normally really good in two to three dance styles and have attended
many others to expend their horizon. If you can offer more styles,
you will more likely be able to score a job.

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