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MC Talk with Alex Lester

I met Alex during a Brand Management course at London College of Fashion some years ago. He is a creative and most definitely a life lover. On his website The Peacock Paper you find  a carefully curated selection of his beautiful photography in travel diaries. He also works as a creative director and stylist.

When you were a child, what did you dream of being?
I had a few careers that I was pretty into as a child – at one stage I really wanted to be a tv presenter, another time, whilst listening to Nikki Webster (an Asustralian pop star at the time, and now a complete guilty pleasure), I declared I wanted to be a singer!

What do you always take with you when you travel?
I don’t want to say my iPhone, but i realised that it can get you out of almost any situation! You can take photos (essential), book accommodation, access cash, pay for things, call people, direct you places! Otherwise, I always need to travel with my camera – and couldn’t quite imagine doing so without one.

What is your favorite spot on earth?
In terms of a place abroad, though not necessarily my ‘favourite spot’ per se, I remember being absolutely taken away by the Atlas Mountains out of Marrakech. We were standing on a rope bridge, with water gushing under us, snow-capped mountains in the background, and I just remember thinking ‘this is the most incredible thing I have seen.’ I think there is so much of the world to discover, and this might be replaced by something else!

What is one thing left on your bucket list?
Something I have dreamt of seeing for a long time is the northern lights. Hopefully soon to be realised, I have dreamed of witnessing this phenomenon for a long time now – and I have all fingers crossed that I see it while in scandinavia later this year!

What is your favorite indulgence?
Speculoos. Definitely Speculoos. I say that because i have finally been reunited with this obsession after 2 and a half (long) years searching for it in just about every supermarket here in Australia!

What is your ingredient for a happy life?
I think one of the most important things is everyday trying to decrease as much you can, any stress, anxiety and really trying to be as calm as you can. I think once you are so at peace, and in a relaxed state – the harder things in life are easier to deal with, and the happy, you can feel with complete intensity. 

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