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MC Talk with Isabelle Pollet Villard

Isabelle, raised in Bordeaux, left France and her family with 15 years to become a ballet dancer. She has danced as a professional ballet dancer for 18 years, performing almost the whole classical repertoire but also various modern pieces in Germany, Switzerland and on tour all over the world. Isabelle discovered Pilates in the late nineties after a serious foot injury. She now is a certified Pilates teacher and will be opening a new Pilates Studio “The Pilates Movement, Isabelle Pollet Villard” in Berlin Mitte (soon just five minutes from Rosenthaler Platz Subway station).

When you were a child, what did you dream of being?
I wanted to dance but I also remember wanting to be an archeologist for a while. Brushing the sand and dust off old stones and bones was what I was keen on. I guess this is one of my character features that led me to become a ballet dancer and now Pilates coach… always searching for those little details, clearing the “dust” to find the perfect shape, position, posture.

What do you always take with you when you travel?
My Theraband. It is a prop that I frequently use in my Pilates sessions, just a small piece of thin rubber band. Doesn’t weigh anything, doesn’t take any place in your luggage but you can do an enormous amount of exercices with it! I also take a bunch of them with me when I go teach at home or offices.

What is your favorite spot on earth?
Where my kids are… I’m obviously a mum.

What is one thing left on your bucket list?
Get on stage again. My last show was 5 years ago as I just got pregnant with my first child and I would love to have the chance to perform again. And learn to dance Hip Hop/Street Dance.

What is your favorite indulgence?
Since I have kids (toddlers) I’d say: go to the movies, sleep late , no cooking, take a ballet class.

What is your ingredient for a happy life?
Be patient but focused. Find what makes you happy and stick to it! Also good music and good moves.

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