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Coffee in Potsdam: Kellermann

Since a long time I was craving for a cute coffee spot in Babelsberg, the area I spend quite a lot of time since the studio in try with is located here. There are many bakeries around but they don’t serve delicious coffee. Close to the subway station there used to be this super tiny coffee store where only two people would fit in to order their beverage. But it was worth the wait since the coffee was super delicious here. And then, someday, it was closed. I was really devastated since I just loved to grab a coffee to go here. A few weeks later a bigger café opened a few meters away and I instantly recognized that it was the same owner. They enlarged their business and now have a big café. This made me super happy and of course I wanted to share the new Kellermann with you. Besides some delicious coffee you can enjoy some fresh baked cakes, sandwiches, frozen yogurt and ice pops. They also offer fresh soups and quiche …

To love, laughter and happily ever after…!

To love, laughter, and happily ever after…! When two people tie the knot it’s always a special moment. And when these people are close friends of yours it is even more emotional. On the 15th of August my dear friend Isabella married her fiancé and I got invited to their wedding party. It was such a lovely evening with a lot of fun and I was moved to tears. It’s not just a big step in someones life, it’s a memory you will never forget. So intimate, so wonderful. I wish the two all the best for their future together!

Anything Could Happen

I know, this sounds crazy but I found this absolutely stunning dress in the Kids Collection from Zara. It fits perfectly and is so cute, simply couldn’t resist. I often have the problem that even the XS from the women collections doesn’t fit me and therefore I somehow discovered the Kids section for me. So, if you are not that tall and rather thin, try it out. Of course I wouldn’t buy everything there but a few pieces are definitely suitable for grown-ups. The little bands are actually hairbands (you will see more of them soon). Totally fallen for them. Thanks to the ladies from Mane Message for sending them to us. Dress – Zara (Kids Section) Shoes – Zara Silver Bracelet – Tiffany & Co. Pearl Bracelet – Thomas Sabo Colourful hairbands – Mane Message

Little darling, here comes the sun

We finally managed to get our first outfit post of the year ready for you OMFG. Crazy life it is. Fashion Weeks kicks-off today and we a pretty busy with projects, university and meetings. Sadly we couldn’t attend the Stylight Blogger Awards due to work and big presentations. We would have loved to go but it simply wasn’t possible in the end. But a big thank you to the Team of Stylight for the invitation. Tomorrow we will be around the tent for Streetstyle snap-shots. Hope you see some of you there. Mantel – Mango Boots – Lloyd Hat – H&M

Goodbye 2013

When it comes down to prepare this post we always think “What happened to this year?!”. Somehow it comes really slowly, the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. However it still always feels as if we have created this post just a few days ago. And now we do it again. One year, gone so fast and with it so many memories to keep in mind. What has been most memorable then? Here a little list which is really just captures some things We traveled a lot this year – Amsterdam, London, Praha, Palma de Mallorca, Madeira, Weimar, Istanbul, Paris, Roma and Venice. We hope to be able to add some more beautiful places to our list in the next year. Traveling is such a passion, you ca never get enough of it. We have done an interview with the Tagesspiegel about Midnight Couture. Additionally we also joined the BlogStars and Stylight blogger network. So many opportunities have come along and we are so grateful for it. And you made this actually possible. BIG THANK YOU …

Speak softly, but carry a big can of paint

“Speak softly, but carry a big can of paint.” Banksy, Wall and Piece Get yourself some cat-eye sunglasses for the Retro autumn/winter trend. I will be in London in September (again, just love this city) and hope to find some nice pieces for the other up-coming trends. Shirt – Choies Shorts – Zara (old collection) Sunglasses – Chicnova Bracelet – Tiffany & Co.

A Dog Walk

Welcome, little Enya. Yesterday we headed out to take some pictures with the cutie and the weather was just perfect. For Enya everything was so fascinating and totally new, she was pretty tiered in the end. Leather jacket – Zara Blouse – H&M Pants – Zara Sandals – Taupage (via Zalando) Bag – Liebeskind Berlin (old)

Lunch in Werder (Havel): Café Jacob

From time to time it is so nice to try a café or restaurant in your vicinity.  On the contemplative island of Werder opened a new beautiful café called Café Jacob. They serve homemade cakes, quiche, tarte flambée and delicious breakfast in the morning.  Later during the day you can enjoy some fresh, classic cocktails. The interior is  really chic and charming. If it’s raining outside you can cuddle-up inside and when the sun  is shining you can enjoy your coffee on their own terrace.  Café Jacob  Torstraße 3 (Insel)  14542 Werder

Japanese Garden

A cup of tea is always a good idea. When heading out for a bike tour we made a spontaneous stop  at a Japanese bonsai garden and enjoyed a cup of tea plus some Japanese sweet-treats. I have  never been to a Japanese garden but loved it straight away. It is really comforting and very  relaxing. The tea was perfect (tried a tea flower for the first time) and the whole  arrangement harmonious.  Japanischer Bonsaigarten  Fercher Str. 61  14548 Schwielowsee OT Ferch

The sky seems to be pure

At the moment I’m feeling so perfect. I finally get the chance to meet all my friends and actually find some time for them. In the past few weeks everything was so stressing and I sometimes didn’t know where to start. But now such small things just make everything fall in place. It’s what I have been missing but I didn’t realize it was what I needed all the way through. Just a coffee with a good friend and you feel great again. It does have a magical effect on you! (and a good song is also never a bad thing)