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Ten Things I learned from living in Amsterdam

A M S T E R D A M 1. It can be so easy to be friendly, nice and helpful. Just take a look at the Dutch people, they can show you how to do it. 2. When you study fashion or fashion management at any fashion school in the Netherlands, you’ll learn the importance of supporting young and upcoming designers or even design students. I have never witnessed a crowd of students so proudly wearing their study colleague’s designs. 3. The Dutch have an extraordinary taste in interior design. Since most Dutch leave their windows without any curtains, you get the chance to catch sight of their beautiful furniture and explicit homes. 4. There is no bad weather in Amsterdam. You’re just too weak or do not have the right clothes, get over it and it will make you stronger. Period. 5. There is no excuse for NOT riding you bicycle at any time. It does not matter if it rains, if there is a storm or sub zero temperatures – you have to t a k e y o …

Book Recommendation: I’ll drink to that

I‘m lucky to have a good friend, who knows my taste of books and would give one new read to me for my birthday every year. This time, it was “I’ll drink to that” by Betty Halbreich. I have to admit, at first I did not know what to expect and whether it would be interesting to read a whole book about personal shopping. But after just reading three pages, I was hooked and could not stop until I finished the whole book in two nights. Betty Halbreich has that very particular dry, ironic humor that is especially my kind. I often caught myself laughing out loud while reading, which happens rarely. Betty’s stories are exciting, interesting and always have a twist. I feel that those stories are true and written from her heart, what makes them even more authentic and entertaining. I’ll drink to that is not only a book about personal shopping but more about life, its obstacles and how to find happiness thus learn to be content with what one has achieved. Betty has certainly had many exciting …

Culture in Amsterdam: La Dame Aux Camélias

Going out to see a Ballet performance is one of our favorite things to do together. So of course we couldn’t miss the beautiful performance of “La Dame Aux Camélias” by the Het National Ballet. The performance was breath-taking, we were so captivated by the exceptional choreography, which displayed very powerful, emotional moves. Apart from this, the National Opera and Ballet of Amsterdam is an extraordinary building with a view on the canals at sunset. Boots – Zara Jacket – H&M Bag – Louis Vuitton

Place Vendôme: SOFTCLOX in Paris

I have grown up to not feeling obliged to wear too fancy, high-heeled or unpractical shoes in my daily life (during the day) anymore – moreover, people would rather describe myself as a little more conscious or maybe even “green” when it comes to my feet. Therefore, I am always looking for shoe models that would be comfortable to wear without sacrificing style on the way. That is why SOFTCLOX eventually has become one of my favorite shoes brands. They feel comfortable even though worn from dusk ’till dawn and always look stylish! This time I would like to present SOFTCLOX model “Ines” to you- a black ankle boot made of soft Nubuk leather, which has a snake-like texture. The sole is made of high-quality alder wood from Europe that perfectly adjusts to your feet. These shoes totally saved my feet during Paris Fashion Week! Shirt – Zara Cardigan – H&M Boots – SOFTCLOX Necklace – Sence Copenhagen

The perfect summer dress

This gorgeous summer dress by Front Row is the perfect dress for every chic occasion – let it be a ballet performance at the theatre, a open air dinner with friends or just one of those days we feel to dress up a little and just feel beautiful..! To give the classic dress a little twist I like to style it with bright watermelon red nails and some plateau nude heels. Of course as well the adequate jewelry cannot be missing: I am wearing a delicate, golden statement necklace with a rose aventurine charm and the matching bracelet by Sence Copenhagen. Dress – Front Row Jewelry – Sence Copenhagen Shoes – H&M Bag – Uterque

MAC Cosmetics

Even though MAC always had some kind of fascination when I come to make-up, it took me until now to acquire some products myself. Past weekend I had an appointment at the store in order to find out colors which are suiting me best and to get a first insight to how correctly applying MAC make-up works. The good thing? I found a new hobby. The bad thing? I would need a MAC loan to cover the costs… Until then, I made a start with a basic eyeshadow palette in nude colors and a bright pink lipstick.