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Ten Things I learned from living in Amsterdam


1. It can be so easy to be friendly, nice and helpful. Just take a look at the Dutch people, they can show you how to do it.

2. When you study fashion or fashion management at any fashion school in the Netherlands, you’ll learn the importance of supporting young and upcoming designers or even design students. I have never witnessed a crowd of students so proudly wearing their study colleague’s designs.

3. The Dutch have an extraordinary taste in interior design. Since most Dutch leave their windows without any curtains, you get the chance to catch sight of their beautiful furniture and explicit homes.

4. There is no bad weather in Amsterdam. You’re just too weak or do not have the right clothes, get over it and it will make you stronger. Period.

5. There is no excuse for NOT riding you bicycle at any time. It does not matter if it rains, if there is a storm or sub zero temperatures – you have to t a k e y o u r b i k e at any cost.

6. Even though the Netherlands is a fairly small country on the map, their cultural heritage is as rich as a whole continent’s. The Dutch Golden Age is an especially interesting period, witnessing wealth and precious goods of Amsterdam’s as former trading power.

7. Amsterdam’s architecture is extraordinary in this world. I think it is most fascinating that one can see the city’s history in their architecture and the way it is built. When taking a boat on the Grachten, one can observe the old gables, once used to transport goods and food to the space underneath the roof. Apart from that, Amsterdam has a refreshing mix of modernity and history – there are super modern house boat lofts on the canals just opposite buildings from the 16th century.

8. The Dutch know how to party. King’s day is the most incredible street and obviously canal festival and party there is! The vibe and atmosphere is just thrilling!

9. Amsterdam as a city has an extremely high quality of life. It is small thus it does take a maximum of twenty minutes to get from A to B, what makes life easier than in bigger cities. Also, riding your bike everywhere you go provides you with a feel of personal freedom and keeps you fit at the same time. In my opinion this combination makes life a lot more enjoyable!

10. In Amsterdam you shouldn’t take life too serious. It is a place to work hard and accomplish your dreams but at the same time you should take it easy and have a good time! In my opinion Amsterdam is the perfect city for students and young professionals, still in search of their destination in life. I can only recommend to pass some time in this amazing city and profit from the inexplicable vibe!

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