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Book Recommendation: I’ll drink to that

I‘m lucky to have a good friend, who knows my taste of books and would give one new read to me for my birthday every year.

This time, it was “I’ll drink to that” by Betty Halbreich.

I have to admit, at first I did not know what to expect and whether it would be interesting to read a whole book about personal shopping. But after just reading three pages, I was hooked and could not stop until I finished the whole book in two nights.

Betty Halbreich has that very particular dry, ironic humor that is especially my kind. I often caught myself laughing out loud while reading, which happens rarely.

Betty’s stories are exciting, interesting and always have a twist. I feel that those stories are true and written from her heart, what makes them even more authentic and entertaining.

I’ll drink to that is not only a book about personal shopping but more about life, its obstacles and how to find happiness thus learn to be content with what one has achieved.

Betty has certainly had many exciting encounters that could make her feel superior, arrogant or seemingly omniscient. However, she is nothing like that – she has a working ethic that has become rare nowadays, taking her tasks seriously and with great passion.

In the end, I was inspired by this incredible woman and the stories she told, therefore I can only recommend this book warmly to all of you.

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