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You’re a dance machine

We guess we met the first time at a ballet class. Totally strange!

We both visit the same school and ballet lesson. How did we pass each other one wholeyear without notice? Crazy!?

One day we started talking to each other: “Oh aren’t we at the same school too?!”

“Yes we are!” And that was the day when a new unbelievable friendship started.
Since that day we both found out that we are Fashion Lovers and buy theVogue rather then food (thanks Sex and the City). Taking photos and go out together is today the most normal thing on earth. Berlin has captured our hearts and we lvoe to hang out in the city together.Always new and amazing things we see on our trips.

Therefore we are starting a totally new Lifestyle Blog. It will bring new ideas not only for the readers but also for us personally. Be a part of it and see the world in a new dramatic but totally stylish way!

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