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Berlin – The New Fashion Metropolis?

Ask people about fashion hot spot cities in this world, what are they going to answer?
Paris? True. London? Yeah. New York? Yes we know that. Milan? Agreed.
this just can’t be everything! There’s one thing missing, isn’ t there?
YES, we say,
since some years.
The big B. Cool. Hip. New. Advancing.
Home of important designers
like Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kühl for Kaviar Gauche, Michael Michalsky,
Sisi Wasabi, Wolfgang JOOP. With Models like Eva Padberg or Nadja Auermann.
With shopping miles like ‘Kudamm’ and hottest districts like ‘Mitte’.
For me,
it’s the most promising new style metropolis, which can actually hold a candle to London’s
or New York’s fashion community. That was recently proved by the Berlin Fashion
Week 2009, which was a big success.
There were countless exhibitions, showrooms
and – of course- fashion shows. Fashion guests from all over the world came and
enjoyed the experience of countless new designers, with innovative ideas and highest
For people, who are convinced of Berlin’s new role as fashion city, the reason is
that now, still everything is possible. The scene can be altered and changed, makes
place for newcomers and advances the already existing.
Everyone has a chance to be a
part of it, to live fashion and be fashion, in the city our hearts belong to.

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