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Ballet in London

Of course, as a true ballet lover, I couldn’t miss the chance on stoping by at some of the coolest dancewear shops in London (and buy something there, too).
Here is my personal dance-clothes-shoes-little-some-things guide.

The Repetto Studio in the Shoe Galleries at Selfridges 

It is not a dancewear shop. But Repetto, a French ballet shoes company, also has a normal show collection line 
in which you can feel like a modern ballerina on the streets.
The little area is super cute: you have a ballet barré, a big mirror, red satin curtains and chandeliers.

Here you can find everything you need: Leotards, pointe shoes and ballet flats, tap and jazz shoes,
warm-up clothes and cute little accessories. Got myself a pair of ne jazz shoes and a black hotpant.

Sadly it was closed when I passed by but shop window and the glimps through it showed me a good dance store.
I really wanted to go inside because I know that a lot of famous dancers us the Freed pointe shoes.
Well, next time maybe.


And because there is so much more in London linked to ballet, here some pictures.

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