Monate: Juni 2011

BFW not for us this season

  We actually can’t believe it but the summer holidays are so close! Only 4 days left! So we find some time at the moment to work more on our blog. We are working on a really cool project which we will show you in a few days. Berlin Fashion Week is also very soon…. but not for us. We are of and away (more about that soon!) and hoped to find someone who could go for us instead but it has turned out to be very, very hard. Nearly everyone is away, too. If someone reads this and is keen on helping us out we would be more than happy.  

Santa Maria

  Gotan Project – Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)   When I looked at these pictures I somehow though about Tango. Such a sexy, passionate and strong dance! I would really love to learn it someday but only with the perfect partner at my side. Want to see a really good Tango? Watch the video after the klick