Tag: März 22, 2013

Natural Beauty Tips

Dear Readers, We are often asked for our personal beauty tips so here’s a small beauty post especially for you.  Well, however I have to disappoint you – I do not use many beauty products at all.  I treat my hair with John Frieda as well as Wella Professional Shampoo and I really like Rituals products in summer. There’s not much that touches my facial skin, except for a light Vichy Creme and some make up removing milk. I try to always remove my eye make up- regardless on how tired I might be! I cannot say much except for feeling and looking healthy starts with healthy food and never taking to much of a thing! Staying natural should be the one goal a girl should always fulfill, natural beauty may be old school but never comes out of fashion. For more hair-tips see an older post Jana already made for you.