Monate: April 2013

Those grey days

Coat – Zara Shirt – New Look Belt – Stefanel Boots – Zara In my opinion we have had enough bad-weather-days and the spring could  finally arrive.  Sometimes you were already able to feel the warmth but then the next  day rain and clouds again. The best thing you can do on such days is to have a coffee with your sweetheart and cuddle up in a cute restaurant or café.

Here we go back, this is the moment

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us  Shirt – Zara Necklace – NoaNoa Shoes – Zara Blazer – Zara Sunglasses – Ray Ban Our daily busy life has returned! University and the new ballet production from our school is  taking up most of our time at the moment. But it’s fun and we love what we do. With this  beautiful weather outside it somehow get’s a bit easier.  You somehow just HAVE to smile.

Breakfast in London: Albion

Most likely one of the best breakfast restaurants on earth.  I had the best scone with clotted cream and homemade rasberry jam I ever ate, as well as the whole range of scrambled eggs and mushrooms on freshly baked bread followed by fresh orange juice.  This place is definitely worth a visit!  2- 4 Boundary Street Shoreditch, London

Summer may come!

Took these beauties home with me the other day.  I was looking for some pretty sandals with a not too high heel. These from Zara already  had my heart when I saw them in their online store. However I rather like to try the shoes in  store so I headed to Berlin and took them with me right away.  Sandals – Zara Spring/Summer 2013

Welcome to the Spitalfields Market

Maybe most fascinating about London is that it does not matter how often you visit, you will  always discover something new in this city. This time I discovered the area near Liverpool Street and Spitalfields Market. I really love the cute boutiques and café all around this area and you can have the best breakfast in town- more soon!

Sunday’s are beautiful

On Sunday’s I really like to stay at home and relax. You can somehow really let the week  come to an end and find some energy for the one coming up. No surprise that I still somehow  always find something to do around my room.   From time to time it is quite important to “clean-up” your possessions. And there I mean: grab a  bin and throw something in! It’s nice to have a good amount of make-up at home but if the bath  is out-ruled by those products it’s time to say bye bye to some of them. And then, unexpectedly,  you dig out some things you haven’t thought of anymore. Happened to me with this Dior  Rouge pallet. Can’t wait to put some on for spring!   We already have reached April but the weather is nothing like that. Today actually the sun is  shining for a change. Still I like staying in and cuddle myself into a fluffy scarf and open the  window for some fresh air in the room. It helps …

Tunes for the Weekend

It’s Friday. Big HURRAY for that. I really love enjoying some good tunes around the  weekend and therefore I have put together a little playlist for you, too. Here are the best three songs, find the whole list on our YouTube Account. Bastille feat. Ella – No Angels  (really love the Psycho dialog at the beginning) Alt-J – Taro  (the Indian influence is divine) Art Of Shades – All Away (Feat. Soukaïna)